April 21, 2018 09:07 AM


The historic election process for the inaugural Board of Directors for USA Cricket has been announced, marking another important step towards application for ICC membership and cricket in the United States.

 The elections will begin on May 18, where seven constituent Director positions will be open. They will comprise three Individual Directors, including a female, two Player Directors, one Club Director and one League Director. The seven constituent Directors will then appoint the three Independent Directors recommended by the Nominating and Governance Committee announced last week.

Nominations are now open for members seeking to stand in the USA Cricket elections and the process that includes eligibility for voting is as follows:

To be eligible to vote in the USA Cricket elections, you must register as a member of USA Cricket by 11:59pm ET on  April 24, 2018. Interested individuals can register here.

The preliminary list of all eligible individuals, clubs and leagues to vote will be announced on or around  April 27 and will be open for a peer review.

Prospective Directors have been advised to submit their application and a one-page candidate statement that is due to the Nominating and Governance Committee by  May 8. Additional information on the application process will be available here soon.

The final list of all eligible candidates for election will be announced on  May 13.

 The details of the election process follows last week’s announcement of the Nominating and Governance Committee that is charged with the responsibility of verifying the eligibility of candidates to stand for election for the seven constituent Directors as well as recommending the three Independent Directors for the inaugural Board of USA Cricket.

 The Sustainable Foundation Advisory Group (SFAG) is confident that the election process will attract a diverse and truly representative candidature for the historic elections.

 Dr. Vince Adams, a SFAG Member, said: “We have worked incredibly hard to develop a Constitution and a membership base that unites the wonderfully diverse cricket community in the USA. Our hope and our expectation is that this diversity is reflected in the inaugural USA Cricket Board and we are very excited to announce this process which we are confident will attract the best possible candidates.”

The key milestones in the inaugural election process are as follows:

-8 May Closing deadline to receive nominations and candidate statements for the first set of seven constituent Board Directors.

-May 13 Eligible candidates for seven constituent Board Director positions announced by the Nominating and Governance Committee/.

-May 18  USA Cricket elections start

 -May 28 Initial election ends

 -June 1 Run-off election starts (if required).

 June 8 Run-off election ends

 -June 11 Seven constituent Board members election winners announced.


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