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A team of special cell South Western Range (SWR)led by Inspector P.C.Yadav ,InspectorSanjeev Kumar and consisting of SI’s Anand ,Devender,Maan SinghASI Lav Kumar,HC Sandeep, HC Dinesh , HC Bharat, HC Joginder Ct Dinesh ,Ct.Sunil Khatri, Ct Manjeet, CtRambir ,Ct Praveen , Ct Karampal, Ct.Rahul Ct. Yogesh,Ct. Sitender and Ct Uttamunderthe supervision of Sh. Akhileshwar YadavACP Special cell SWR has cracked a sensational cash van robbery cum doublemurder case of police station Narela, with the arrest of Mahavir Singh (age 34yrs) R/o Narela Delhi , Deepak @Mantar (age 32 Yrs)R/o Narela ,Delhii, Gurucharan (age 35Yrs) R/o Narela,Delhi and Vikas Bhardwaj@ Dharmender (age 24 Yrs) R/o Narela ,Delhi.

Accused namely Bharat Bhushan R/o Gogha Dairy was arrested today in early morning encounter in Shahabad dairy area.While being chased, accused BharatBhushan fired on police team and one constable namely Rambir received gun shotson his bullet proof jacket. Police team also retaliated in self defence andaccused Bharat Bhushan sustained bullet injuries on his legs. 

INCIDENT: On 26/04/2018 an incident of cash van robbery took place near DSIDC Vardhman Mall. In the incident 3 bike borne robbers robbed the cash van of SIS Prosegur Company after shooting the gunman and cashier of the said company. The employees of the company had come to collect the cash from DSIDC Narela. As soon as they collected the cash from awine shop at Vardhman Mall, 3 persons came riding a motorcycle and shotindiscriminately at the cashier and the gun men of the company and decamped with cash approx. Rs. 12 lakhs. Both the employees died of injuries.

OPERATION: A team of Special Cell SWR led by Inspr P.CYadav and Sanjeev Kumar under the supervision of Sh. Akhileshwar SwaroopYadav ACP/SpecialCell SWR was deputed to work on the said incident. The team worked hard,deployed sources and mounted technical surveillance. The hard work of team borefruits when on 01/05/18 Ct Rambir and Ct Uttam received information that theaccused involved in said incident had gone to Haridwar and would be coming backto Delhi. On this information, traps were laid and the team succeeded inapprehending 3 persons namely Mahabir, Deepak and Gurcharan from near gandanala, Shahbad road, Sec-26, Rohini at 7:30 PM on 01/05/2018. All of them werefound in possession of illegal arms and ammunition. The interrogation ofaccused persons revealed that accused Deepak@ Mantra was involved in the saidincident along with his associates namely Bharat Bhushan @ Tony, Jitu and Vikasallr/o Narela. One .32 bore pistol, whichwas used in robbery cum double murder case, and cash Rs. 3 Lakhs, was recoveredfrom accused Deepak.

Raids were conducted to apprehendBharat Bhushan @ Tony, Jitu and Vikas. Vikas was apprehended from his house atPocket-5A, Narela in the midnight. One .32 bore pistol, which was used in crime,was recovered at his instance.Apart from this, robbed cash of Rs 1.9 lakh,hisbounty share,was also recovered from him. Accused Bhushan @ Tony and Jitu werenot found at their hideouts.

In the meanwhile, another information was received that accused Bharat Bhushan @Tony would be coming near KhairVillage Canal to visit his associates in his Eeco Car No. DL-3CCF-2417 in themorning of 02/05/18 between 5-6 AM. On this information, a trap was laiddown. At about 5:20 AM one Eeco car was seen comingfrom the side of Prahlad Pur. The car was signalled to stop but the car driver furtheraccelerated. Inspr. Sanjeev Kumar warned him to stop but the driver did not payany heed. At this Inspr. Sanjeev Yadav fired a bullet at the tyre of the carand flattenedits tyre. Driver lost his balance and car rammedinto the divider.Thedriver was identified as Bharat Bhushan @Tony,who got down from the car with abag in one hand and pistol in other hand. He was once again warned to stop andsurrender but in order to escape he startedfiring bullets at the police team.At this Inspr. P C Yadav also fired two bullets in air to scare and warn himbut Bharat Bhushan@ Tony again fired at the police team and 2 of his bulletshit the bullet proof jacket of Ct. Rambir. ASI Lav Kumar and Ct. Rambir alsofired in self-defence and accused was hit by bullets in his legs. One .32 borepistol, one spare magazine and cash Rs. 3.3 lakhs was recovered from the bag hewas carrying. He was immediately shifted to hospital.

RECOVERY: 3 Sophisticated Pistols (.32 bore), 1 Countrymade Pistol (315 bore), 1 Spare magazine of pistol with 5 live cartridges, Cash Rs.8.2 lakhs and One Eeco car.


* FIR No306/18 u/s 394/397/302/34 IPC & 25/27 Arms Act PS Narela

On 26/04/2018, 3 bike riders robbedthe cash van of SIS Prosegur Company of cash approx. 12 lakhs after shootingthe gunmen and cashier of the said company. Both the employees succumbed to injuries.

*FIR No 833/17 u/s 302/307/394/397/34 IPC& 27 Arms Act Ps Narela

In thiscase accusedpersons robbed a businessmen of Rs. 24lakhs while he alongwith his son, cashier and sales manwas going for depositing cash in the bank inthe car. Accused persons shot indiscriminatelyat them and injuredthe driver, cashier and his son. Lateron the businessman, Pankaj Goyal and the cashier died of injuries.

* FIRNo 403/17 u/s 394/397/34 IPC & 25/27 Arms Act PS Narela

In thiscase accusedpersons in an attempt to rob ATM cash van,shot at the guard of the ATM and fledaway with the guards gun after shooting at him.

* FIR No. 223/18 u/s 394/397/34 IPC PSSultan Puri

In the incident accusedpersons shot the cashier of Priyanka Securitiyand robbed cash.

*FIR No 286/18 u/s 393/394/397/34 IPC& 25/27 Arms Act Ps ShahbadDairy

In the incident accusedpersons tried to rob the ATM cash vannear Axis Bank ATM at Holambi Kalan in which ATM guard and an employee of cash van got injured.

*FIR No 381/17 u/s 392/397 IPC and 25/27 Arms ActPs Bhalswa Dairy

In this incident accusedpersons tried to rob ATM cash van at oneATM. They fired at the Gunmen and the cashier and injured them buttheir effort was nullified as the cashier succeeded in timely pulling down the shutter of the shop where the ATMwas fixed.

*FIR No 83/18 u/s 394/397/34 IPC&25/27 Arms Act Ps Vijay Vihar

In this incident threemuffled person shot at the cashier and robbedRs. 10 lakhs from the cash van.

*FIR No. 265/17 u/s 394/397/34 IPC PSBegum Pur

In this incident accusedpersons shot at the cashier of ATM cashvan at Sect. 24 Rohini and robbed Rs. 19 lakhs from it.

*FIR No 398/17 u/s 341/379B IPC & 25Arms Act Ps Kundli, Haryana

In this case accusedpersons robbed a petrol pump Manager of Rs. 35 lakhs. When the managerretaliated accused person fired bulletsat him.

*FIR No 351/17 u/s 307/34 IPC & 25 ArmsAct Ps Civil Line Sonipat

In thiscase accused persons fired at one Hans Raj and his son Varun r/o Sonipat for the purpose of loot.

PROFILE:- Bharat Bhushan @Tony:- Subject is a desperate criminal and he is an active Bad Character (BC) of PS Narela. He was born in 1988. He studied upto 8thstandard from a School in Narela. After that he left studies and began to workas a Welder at Bawana Road for eight years. After some time he got intodrivingprofessionand soon fell into bad company. He was arrested under Arms Actat PS Bawana and then for a snatching case at PS Narela. Later on he began toextort money by extending life threats and was arrested at PS Narela in 2015inan extortion case. Thereafter,he has been arrested in several cases. Finally,he turned to robbery and began robbing cash vans with his associates, but hewas never identified and arrested as he used to commit robberies by coveringhis face with the helmet. Now he has been arrested and several cases ofrobberies have been worked out.

*Deepak@ Mantra:- He was born in Distt. Bulandsahar, UP. He completed his 8thstandardfrom govt. school, Prahlad Pur. Becauseof poor family condition he could not complete his studies and began working ina factory. Soon after he fell in bad company and in the year 2009 he committedmurder of One Ravi Shankar in the area of PS Narela over some personal enmity.He was also arrested under Excise Act in 2014 at PS Adarsh Nagar. Now he is anactive associate of Bharat Bhushan @ Tony and he is involved in several casesof Robbery and murders including the recent sensational cash van robbery cumdouble murder of PS Narela.

*Gurucharan: - He wasborn in Distt.Muzaffarnagar, UP. He completed 12th class from Noida,UP. Thereafter, he began to work with some NGO. As he was staying in Narela, hecame in contact with Bharat Bhushan @Tony and started providing information to himregarding prospective targets.

*Vikas:- He was born in Narela, Delhi,in a lower middle class family. He was sent toschool but he could not continue the same after 10th standard.Thereafter, he began to work as taxi driver. He came in contact with BharatBhushan @Tony and started committing crimes with him. He was one of theshooters,who shot dead 2 employees of cash van.

*Mahabir– He was born in Distt Sambhal, UP, 34 Yrs back. He completed his Graduationfrom Babrala, UP. Thereafter, he came to Delhi and set up his own Dairy atSarai Kale Khan. Later on the dairy was shifted to Gogha Dairyarea, Narela.Here he came in contact with Bharat Bhushan @Tony who was a BC of the area. Atthe instance of Bharat Bhushan @Tony he began to do reccee of the prospectivetargets and then to give information to Tony. Tony would rob the targets andwould give a bounty share to the subject. Accusedpersons have been arrested under relevant sections of law. Furtherinvestigation is in progress.

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