May 04, 2018 06:54 PM

*Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad should resign immediately*Protest and agitation to be announced next week against the intolerant Modi govt – NSCA

Chandigarh (Face2News)

After the judgement of the Supreme Court and the recent proceedings going on in the case, the trust in this government to protect the rights of the Scheduled Castes community in India has faded away, said Paramjit Singh Kainth, President, National Scheduled Castes Alliance, a socio-political organization representing the Scheduled Castes community from Punjab. 

“Various instances of deaths across the country, volatile law & order situation in many districts and widespread fear of intolerance across each section of the Scheduled Castes community have deteriorated the faith in the government and its ability to safeguard the rights and freedom of the SC community. Cases of violence, murder, rape and assault are increasing day by day on the Scheduled Castes community and the judgement of March 20th by the highest court of the country, The Supreme Court to dilute the provisions of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989 has only incited the tension and anger amongst the hearts of the community facing such atrocities without any avail to justice and hope.”  Said Kainth. 

Hearing on the Centre’s petition seeking review of the Supreme Court’s March 20 order was conducted on 3rd May, a petition to which the National Scheduled Castes Alliance has also impleaded to be a party. The Supreme Court decided to not put stay on its verdict and dismissed the allegations of the Central government that Supreme Court is usurping the powers of the Legislature. 

Mr. Kainth further reiterated “Central Govt led by PM Shri. Narendra Modi has been too lax on the issue; they are the culprits behind this issue reaching to such aggravated and tense position. If the government had been active in its approach, law & order in the country would not have been in such dismal condition.” 

The National Scheduled Castes Alliance demanded that the Minister of Law and Justice should immediately tender his resignation on the grounds of not being able to deliver justice to the victims of heinous crimes belonging to the Scheduled Castes community. 

Kainth further announced that the Alliance is planning to gather support from more likeminded organizations to stage a protest and agitation against the Central Government. The plans for the protest will be announced in the coming week by the Alliance head himself

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