May 08, 2018 09:01 PM

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The IGIS, Crime Branch, Dwarka has arrested father and son for duping Rs.1.43 crores from a garment exporter businessman on pretext of selling and testing of ‘RP’ (Rice Puller) claimed to be used by research institutions. The accused persons lured the victim that their company could arrange the sale of ‘RP’ to space agencies at cost of around Rs. 37,500/-crores after testing its genuineness, which would be done by scientists and some chemicals would be imported for the same. The complainant was lured that if he invests money for the said testing, he can also earn handsome amount.

Mr, Alok Kumar, IPS, Joint Commisioner of Police, Crime (Cyber and FICN), told that the accusesd identified as  VirenderMohan Brar (56 years) r/o Meera Bagh, Paschim Vihar, Delhi and Nitin Mohan @ Bawa Brar (aged 30 years) r/o Meera Bagh, Paschim Vihar, Delhi. 

*‘RP’ is a brass plate alleged to be charged by thunderbolt and claims to be required by research institutions.*The accused persons assured to arrange the sale of ‘RP’ to NASA @Rs.37,500/- crores after testing its genuineness, which would be done by scientists after importing some chemicals.*Dupedthe victim on pretext of arranging special suits to be worn by scientistsduring testing, fees of scientists, for obtaining chemicals required fortesting etc.*Alleged‘RP’ copper plate, alleged anti radiation scientist’s suits, alleged antiradiation chemical stickers have been recovered along with laptop, printer, blank letter heads of a foreign country cheque books, fake ID cards of Rehan Metals and one Audi car.

Mr. Alok Kumar told that in May-2018,  Narender r/o Delhi, a businessman engaged in garment exports approached the Crime Branch that he has been cheated by a group of cheats Virender Mohan Brar, Baba Brar and others to the tune of Rs. 1.43 crores approx. on pretext of investing money for buying and testing Rice Puller ‘RP’, brass plate alleged to be charged by thunderbolt and required by NASA/DRDO) and then earn crores of rupees.

The complainant alleged that few years ago, he came in contact with one person who told him about hugeprofits in dealing of Rice Puller/’RP’, said to be a brass platecharged/electro-magnified by thunderbolt falling on it and required byNASA/DRDO for space research and they pay thousands of crores for it.

In April-2015, he received a call from one person who told that he had said ‘RP’and wanted to sell it. The victim then approached the first person who introduced him to another contact working with M/s Rehan Metals, USA havingo ffice in Moti Nagar.

This person then arranged his meeting with Virender MohanBrar, MD of the company, who told that his company could arrange the sale of‘RP’ to NASA at a price of around Rs. 37,500/- crores per M/A (depends upon power of ‘RP’ pulling rice per inch) after testing its genuineness, which would be done by scientists of DRDO and some chemicals would be imported for the same. The victim was lured that if he invests money for the said testing, hecan also earn handsome amount.

Virende Mohan Brar also told the complainant that they would pay Rs. 10 crores immediately on the spot as token money if the test was found OK. (They calledthe testing process as ‘Movement of ‘RP’’) and showed cash to the complainant.After that, the victim entered into an MoU with Virender Mohan Brar and paidRs. 5.6 lacs, 19 lacs, 24.6 lacs and Rs. 38 lacs for arranging special antiradiation suits to be worn by scientists during testing, fees of scientist, forobtaining chemicals required for testing etc.

Thereafter, the testing of the said ‘RP’ was scheduled in Hapur but could not happen as theaccused persons made an excuse that the place was not conducive and after thatthe said testing was delayed by them on one or another pretext. At the sametime, other associates of the alleged seller of the ‘RP’ mounted pressure onthe victim for finalization of deal or they would sell the ‘RP’ to some otherperson and took him to another company M/s Stars World Heritage having officeat East of Kailash for sale of ‘RP’ and induced him that he would not becheated this time.

After that the complainant again entered into an MoU with the company and again paidRs. 5.6 lacs, 3.5 lacs and 42 lacs on different occasions for purchase of aspecial suit for the scientist, his fees and chemical required for the testingof ‘RP’ which was scheduled in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. But at that time,the testing was not conducted by the accused persons stating that the sky wasnot clear.

Lateron, the victim came to know that the said scientist is working with the accusedpersons for monthly salary of Rs. 20,000/- only. He further came to know thathe has been cheated by a group of cheats including Virender Mohan Brar, BabaBrar and others and also the so-called scientists are members of the racket.


A core team ofCrime Branch under close supervision of DCP, Sh. Bhisham Singh and ACP, Sh.Aditya Gautam led by Insp. Sunil Jain comprising SI Arvind, SI Rakesh, ASIRajender, ASI Shreeom, ASI Mahesh, ASI Kanwal, ASI Rajesh, ASI Kuldeep, ASIHanuman, HC Gangadhar, HC Ram Dass and Const. Om Prakash was constituted to nabthe culprits.

After diligent technical and hard field work, theCrime Branch team succeeded in tracing and arresting the accused Virender MohanBrar who represented himself as MD of Rehan Metals, USA, which deals inantique/rare metals used by NASA in space research programmes along with hisassociate and son Nitin Mohan @ Baba Brar.

During investigation, alleged ‘RP’ copper plate, allegedanti radiation scientist’s suits of NASA and alleged anti radiation chemicalstickers have been recovered from the possession of the arrested accusedpersons along with laptop, printer, blank letter heads of Rehan Metals/USA,cheque books, fake ID cards of Rehan Metals and one Audi car.


Interrogationof the arrested accused persons revealed that father of accused Virender Mohan@ Brar was running a motor workshop during 1990s and the accused used to assisthis father, but the hard work and low income pushed him to look for new avenuesof easy income and he started cheating people on pretext of buying rare andantique object like magic mirror, rice puller, dual headed snakes, Naagmanietc.


Rice Puller (RP) is basically a non-existent thing, but cheats take a copper plateor utensil and coat it with liquid magnet and then fill some boiled rice withsmall iron wires and befool the victim by pulling the iron clad rice graintowards the magnet coated copper article. The cheats further befool the victimstating that the object is a rare piece of copper, which is struck bythunderbolt in the hills of Uttarakhand giving it power to pull rice and thesame is being used by NASA/DRDO in advanced space research.

The cheats further induce their target/victim that the object will be purchased byNASA/DRDO for thousands of crores of rupees, but they will test it beforebuying and the testing expenses are to be borne by the seller. They lure thevictim to finance the testing fees in lieu of a share in the selling pricewhich is thousands of crores. Investigation of the case is in progress. Efforts are being made to arrest remaining accused persons. 

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