May 10, 2018 10:28 PM

Chandigarh-(Subhash Jindal)

Somersault  by Chandigarh police on initiative taken in 2015 to install 6660 CC TV Cameras-Stand taken in its latest affidavit is that project to install 660 CC TV Cameras has been merged with Smart City Project:

UT Chandigarh Police  has stated in its affidavit dated 10.5.2018 that proposal  for installing 660 CCTV Cameras has been merged with the Smart City Project of Government of India in June, 2016, and is under active consideration with the Engineering department.

Now Chandigarh Smart City Limited, which is an independent corporation, shall undertake this project. The affidavit filed by DSP Amrao Singh says that the High Court may ask the said Corporation to provide the latest information regarding installation of CCTV Cameras across the city of Chandigarh. In the affidavit, at another place, it is stated that “The Chief Engineer, UT Chandigarh also be made a party-respondent to the present case so as to provide information for the period when the project with regard to installation of CCTV Cameras was transferred from the office of the Inspector General of Police. An impression was given by Chandigarh Police during previous hearing that 660 CCTV Cameras were being installed, where upon, the HC Bench had directed it “to file latest status report giving details as to how many CCTV Cameras have been installed year-wise”

At another place in its affidavit, the DSP has stated that as per survey conducted in 2016 and 2017, a requirement of 15,000 cameras across the city was suggested, of which over 14,000 cameras have been installed by private persons as of 6.3.2018.

Certain suggestions have also been given in the affidavit for effectively tackling with menace of chain snatching. The suggestions which indirectly point an accusing figure on the trial Courts, inter-alia, include (i) Trial Courts should properly verify the persons who stand surety for the accused in chain snatching cases; (ii) Trial Courts should carefully consider grant of bail in case of habitual offenders in chain snatching cases. The suggestions also include an advice to UT Administration to take steps to tackle the menace of drug and substance abuse, which is most often the cause behind the chain snatchings.

On the other hand, Mr. Satya Pal Jain, Additional Solicitor General of India, informed the HC Bench today that the Union of India had sought certain information from UT Chandigarh administration on 13.3.2018, which has not been provided by the UT Chandigarh administration till date, due to which Union of India has not been able so far to take a decision on making more stringent provisions in the IPC for punishing the chain snatchers. He handed over a copy of the said letter to the HC Bench as well as to the Standing Counsel for UT Chandigarh administration.he PIL filed by advocate Hari Chand has now been adjourned to 18.8.2018 for further hearing.


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