June 01, 2018 10:01 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

The Central Bureau of Investigation on Thursday conducted searches at five places in Bangalore, Kanakapura Town, Ramanagara (all in Karnataka) including residential & official premises of a Personal Assistant; then Deputy Tahsildar (In-Charge of Election Cell, Kanakapura Taluk Office) & then Clerk in Election Cell, Kanakapura Taluk Office in an on-going investigation of a case relating to alleged exchange of SBNs with new currency during demonetisation period.

During searches, incriminating materials pertaining to the generation of the alleged Duplicate voter ID cards used for illegal exchange of SBNs were collected along with the hologram stock register. The suspected hard disk was imaged and seized.

A case was registered against a Chief Manager, Corporation Bank, Ramanagara Branch (Karnataka); unknown officials of Corporation Bank and unknown others on 07.04.2017 U/s 120-B r/w 420, 471 of IPC and Sections 13(2) r/w 13(1)(c) & (d) of PC Act, 1988 on the allegations that on 14.11.2016 the accused had colluded with unknown persons and illegally exchanged SBNs worth Rs.10,00,000/- with new currency and subsequently to cover up this act, got prepared 250 (approx.) fabricated requisition slips.

During the investigation, it was found that Rs 10 lakh were allegedly exchanged by a Personal Assistant (PA). It was further alleged that the Personal Assistant had allegedly submitted photocopies of the Voters ID and Driving Licences without the knowledge of the voters & the driving license hol

ders to then Chief Manager for enclosing the same with the requisition slips to cover up the unauthorized exchange. It was also alleged that 120 copies of Voter’s ID Cards were fraudulently printed without the knowledge of the voters on 10.11.2016 & 11.11.2016, by misusing the Holograms, login ID of the Tahsildar & facsimile stamp of ERO at Election Cell, Office of Tahsildar, Kanakapura, Ramanagara District. The then In-charge, Election Cell Tahsildar Office, Kanakapura and then Clerk, Election Cell in the said office, the custodian of the Holograms, login ID of Tahsildar & facsimile stamps of ERO had allegedly misused their positions. Copies of these Voter IDs were allegedly handed over by the said PA to Bank Manager. Further, the accused also arranged another person and others to sign the fake requisition slips.

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Bangalore on 29.05.2018 confirmed that the alleged voters ID cards used for illegal exchange of SBNs were generated from the Election Cell, Kanakapura Tahsildar Office.Investigation is continuing.

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