June 03, 2018 09:25 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

The sleuths of Anti-NarcoticsSquad/Dwarka district have arrested two foreign nationals who were a part of narcotic drugs cartel engaged in supplying drugs in Delhi.

The accused Sace Lirbat R/O Sanegar, Cote d’ Ivoire, age-33 yrs and  Okna Andern R/O Vorina, Cote d’ Ivoire, age-29 yrs were arrested by the police when they had come to Uttam Nagar for supplying Heroin to a peddler.

The Anti-Narcotics Squad/Dwarka was in receipt of the information about the accused coming toUttam Nagar for supplying drugs and a trap was laid by them at Som BazaarChowk, Kabaadi Road, Om Vihar Phase-3, Uttam Nagar. On sensing the presence ofpolice, the duo tried to run away who were chased by the police. As the roadwas under repair and in dilapidated condition, both the accused fell down andwere overpowered by the police. Finequality Heroin weighing 50 grams was recovered from them.


On 28.05.18, aninformation was received from a secret informer by the staff of Anti-NarcoticsSquad/Dwarka district that two African origin men who are engaged in supplyingdrugs will be coming at Som Bazaar Chowk, Kabaadi Road, OmVihar Phase-3, Uttam Nagar for delivering it topeddler.

The Senior Officers were immediately informed about the secretinformation and on their direction, a raiding team of police officers led byInsp Raj Kumar, Officer-in-charge Anti-Narcotics Squad/Dwarka, and comprisingSI Roshan Lal, ASI Shyam, ASI Randhir, HC Vinod, HC Vijay, Ct Arjun, Ct Jagatand Ct Sudesh under the close supervision of Sh. Sunder Singh, ACPOperations/Dwarka immediately swung into action and without any delay, a trapwas laid near the place. At about 11:50 pm, the two men were spotted by theinformer and were identified by him to be the drug suppliers. As the policetried to corner them, they sensed the presence of police and ran from the spot.They were chased by the police before they fell down on the road due todilapidated condition of the road.

After completing necessary legal procedures for conduct of search of suspects,frisking of those two, was carried out and each of them were found to be inpossession of transparent polythene containing murky powder. The powder wastested with Field Testing Kit and found to be Heroin. The total contrabandrecovered from them was weighed and found to be 50 grams. A case FIR No. 460/18u/s 21/61/85 NDPS Act & 14 Foreigners Act was registered at P.S. UttamNagar and investigation taken up. Further investigation and interrogationis going on and the chain of supply is being investigated. Further arrests andrecovery are likely.

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