June 14, 2018 01:28 PM

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 The talented actor Harveer Singh is seen playing the role of Pintu in Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain. Pintu is a sweet and an innocent man who is compelled to dress as a female and plays the character of Pancham’s wife to get accommodation at Murari’s place. Here’s a freewheeling chat with Harveer about his character in the show. 

Describe your role.

-I play the character of Pintu in the show who is Pancham’s friend. We both have come to Delhi to become music directors but we do not have place to stay. We eventually find a place to stay but the owner who is also Pancham’s employer, prefers to rent the place to only married couples or families. Since we needed the room, I volunteer to portray the role of Pancham’s wife.

How did you prepare for this role?

For this role, I tried to change my voice and my body language to make it more believable and better. I did not want the character to look odd, offensive or very fake.

How is your relationship with your co-stars? 

I share a good rapport with all my co-actors and they all are really very good. There are senior actors as well in the show who support me and I love working with them, it’s like a family now. It doesn’t feel like we just come to shoot and go, it’s like spending time with friends and we all enjoy doing comedy.

Any memory you want to share from your shoot?

This incident took place just couple of days after we had started shooting for the show. I was still getting used to the female get-up. Once, while shooting our producer came and was marching towards me, so I got a little tensed and wondering why she is coming directly towards me. She was carrying a hand-bag and without keeping it aside even when there was a chair nearby, she started adjusting my saree pallu and blouse and then suddenly walked away. At first no one knew how to react but when she left everyone burst out laughing. It was quite an embarrassing and funny situation.

How tough it is for you to stay in a female costume full day? 

It is tough because it’s very hot and wearing a wig makes it more difficult. I am not aware of any woman who prefers long hair (laughs). All make-up and my female makeover takes a lot of time, I am not used to make-up and lipsticks, so it just feels strange sometimes.

Any experience you had with any of your fan? 

Yes, I have had many memorable and pleasant experiences with my fans. Some fans have put video messages for me and I receive many messages on regular basis, so it feels good. A funny instance happened when a guy from Jaipur messaged, ‘If any girl has a boyfriend like you then there won’t be any problem because you can dress like a woman and go at your girlfriend’s place and no one will even recognize you.’

I even get fan messages from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. I got one message from Pakistani fan which was really heart touching, It feels very nice when your work is appreciated by fans from neighboring countries as well.

What changes are there in your life since you started shooting?

I feel like I have more responsibilities now since viewers are liking my character. I have to work hard to do justice to my character and maintain expectations of the viewers. I always try to perform better so that people can enjoy more and love and appreciate my character the same way.


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