June 27, 2018 09:10 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Haryana Government has notified to fix the tenure of Head of Department (HoD) at three years. While detailing on conditions in respect of the appointment, an official spokesman said that after completion of service of three years as HoD by the incumbent officer, the department would consider the next eligible officer working on the feeder post for the post of HoD and he or she might even be promoted prematurely by giving necessary relaxation, with the approval of competent authority, if he or she is otherwise fit for promotion.

In case, no eligible person is available, the term of the existing HoD who has already completed first tenure of three years may be extended for a period not exceeding three more years or up-to the date of promotion of junior officer working on the feeder post, whichever is earlier, he added.

He said that if no junior officer working on feeder post is found fit for promotion even during the second term of three years, the term of existing HoD would again be extended for further three years or up to the date of promotion of junior officer, whichever is earlier, provided that the overall tenure of a particular officer as HoD would in no circumstances, be more than a period of nine years.

He said that at the time, when a junior eligible officer is promoted as HoD after the completion of first term or during the tenure of second or third term of the earlier HoD, the earlier HoD would be assigned some other work commensurate with his or her rank, area of work and core competence, with the designation of HoD(Special). For this purpose an ex-cadre post within the same Department would be created from Finance Department for a limited period, that is, up to the date of his or her retirement, and the feeder post vacated by the officer appointed by promotion as HoD would be kept vacant for that period, he added.

He said that Officer who was HoD(Special) would also be considered for appointment on deputation or Foreign Service in any other Department or Board or Corporation, under the State Government or any other Government for the post of same or higher pay level or scale.

If a junior officer working on the feeder post could not be promoted due to departmental or judicial proceedings pending against him or her, and later on a junior officer is found fit for promotion to the post of Head of Department, he or she would not be entitled to get the promotion with retrospective effect, where the post of HoDhas been held by an officer senior to him or her, for second or third term, he said.


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