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The SOS-I, Crime Branch of Delhi Police has busted an interstate Fake Job Racket by arresting fouraccused persons who used to cheat unemployed young students on the pretext of providing job in Railways & Bank.

The accused persons used to hand over false joining letters and even conduct fake training to the job aspirants. More than Rs.One Crore have been cheated by the accused persons. More than 20 persons/victims/job seekers have been cheated by the gang. 14 victims have been identified so far.

A nominal amount ranging from Rs.6,500 to Rs. 8,500 was transferred to the bank account of the candidate as salary. The candidate was assured that the complete salary of Rs. 40,000 plus would be given to him/her after the probation period of 90 days. However, aftera couple of months the candidate realized that he had been cheated when thegang members switched off their cell-phones and vanished. 

Priyanka and Amit are masterminds of the gang. Another gangmember, Dinesh was found previously involved in a similar type of offence andwas earlier arrested for cheating in 2015 in Police Station Connaught Place. Anotheraccused Kuldeep has also been arrested by Crime Branch in a similar case thismonth.


Mr. Alok Kumar, JCP, Crime, said one Chattish Kumar, R/o Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan alleged that he and his friends hadbeen cheated by the some persons on the pretext of providing job in Railways & Banks. Fake joining letters had been provided to them and fake training hadalso been given to them for a couple of months. They were also given salary of Rs.6,500 to Rs. 8,500 for two months. Chhatis Kumar was the first one to get cheated and was lured by the gang in June 2017. In this regard, a case under the appropriate sections of law was registered at Police Station Crime Branch.A team led by Inspector Sanjay Dahiya comprising of SI Karan Singh, ASIs AnilKumar, Yashpal Singh, Surender HCs Bhoop Singh, Brijesh, Parveen, Cts Parvesh& Sandeep was constituted under the close supervision of ACP Sh. AnilDureja to bust this organized racket and to nab the culprits. 

During investigation Amit Pal, Dinesh and Manoj Yadav were arrested and brought on 5 days police remand. The fourth accused Jitender was arrested.

ARRESTED PERSONS: AmitPal R/o Karnal, Haryana, Age-27Years. DineshKumar R/o Mujjafar Nagar, UP. Age-30Years, ManojYadav R/o Mahipal Pur, Delhi, Age-30Years, Jitender @ Jitu R/o Varanasi, U.P, Present address- Jahangirpuri,Delhi 

RECOVERIES:Fake Joining Letters of Railway for the post of TC, 3 I-card of Income-Tax Department,One Laptop 4Mobile phones, Fake Rubber Stamps of Railways and other documents, One Hyundai I-20 Car and other incriminating Documents 

MODUS OPERANDI: This gang was running an interstate fake job racket in Mahipalpur, Delhi under the shadow of Future Tree Aviation Academy Private Limited. They used to lure/cheat candidates in the name of providing job in govt.departments like Indian Railways & Banks.

They used to charge Rs. 7-10 lacs per candidate for offering job and after completing all formalities fake/falsejoining letters were given to the candidates and their medical examination wasalso conducted to remove any doubt. After this, the targeted person had to fillan application form. This was followed by declaration of result on a false website resembling Indian Railways or other Department concerned. The targeted personcould check their result on a web link URL provided to them of the fake website.This made him/her confident about the employment. Further appointment lettersfor the post considered were issued and delivered to the candidate. He/she wasalso directed to undergo medical examination before joining and blood test wasalso got conducted for the candidate. The candidate was subjected to falsetraining and a fake I-card was also issued.

A nominal amount ranging from Rs.6,500 to Rs. 8,500 was transferred to the bank account of the candidate as salary. The candidate was assured that the complete salary of Rs. 40,000 plus would be given to him/her after the probation period of 90 days. However, aftera couple of months the candidate realized that he had been cheated when thegang members switched off their cell-phones and vanished. 

Role of criminals

*Priyanka – She used to work for a prominent airline at Delhi Airport. About 2 years ago her services were terminated after she was accused of embezzlement. She met the complainant Chhatis Kumar through a common relative. She convinced Chhatis that she could arrange for a Railway Job for him. She took Rs. 7 lakhs from Chhatis Kumar on the pretext of arranging for ajob as Ticket Checker in Indian Railways for him. She along with her associates Amit, Manoj, Dinesh, Jitender and others duped Chhatis Kumar. Thereafter,through Chhatis Kumar they duped a number of persons. It was always Priyanka who took the money from the victim and then the money was distributed among thegang members. Priyanka is absconding and is yet to be arrested.

*AmitPal – He ran a small placement agency, Green Tree Aviation, from his office inMahipalpur. Both Priyanka and Amit sat in the same office. Priyanka used to getthe victims to this office on the pretext of filling up fake employment forms.Amit Pal convinced the candidates that he had links in various GovernmentOffices including Railways and he could arrange for employment. He has beenarrested in this case.

*Manoj– He helped the candidates to fill up employment forms and furnish requirededucational qualification documents. He would come to Amit Pal’s office inMahipalpur to complete his job. After the forms were filled he took thecandidates to Northern Railway Hospital at basant Lane, Chelmsford Road,Connaught Place, Delhi to get them medically examined. After medical examination,Manoj gave them a URL website link where after a couple of days the candidatecould check his appointment status. When the candidate checked the URL after acouple of days he found that he had qualified for appointment as Ticket Checkerin Indian Railways. He has been arrested in this case.

*Kuldeep– He met the candidate at Northern Railway Hospital and only took a bloodsample.Kuldeep @ KD has already beenarrested in case FIR No. 163/18, dt.15.6.18 u/s 420/468/471/120B IPC P.S CrimeBranch, Delhi in a similar fake job racket. His Production-warrant will beissued in this case too. Kuldeep had also got the fake Indian Railway Websiteand Bank Website designed from a contact in Kolkata, West Bengal. The webdesigner has been identified.

*Dinesh– After getting the online confirmation of appointment the candidate was handedover to Dinesh for training. Dinesh took the candidate to Adarsh Nagar Railwaystation and the Muzaffar Nagar Railway Station for training. Dinesh has a pastcriminal record and had been arrested for a similar offence vide Case FIR No.197/15 dt. 23.7.15 u/s 420/468/471/120B IPC at PS. Connaught Place. He has beenarrested in this case.

*Jitender– Dinesh handed over the candidate to Jitender who took attendance of thecandidate and for 2 months just asked the candidate to note down thearrival/departure timings of all trains between 10:00 am till 05:00 pm everyday. He has been arrested in this case.

OUT OF 14 9 VICTIMS IDENTIFIED:  Out of the 14 victims 9 had been promised job in the Railways and 3 had been promised job in Banks. Othervictims are still being identified. Some other associates including Priyanka,Gaurav Sarkar (fake website designer) and Kuldeep (already in JC in anothercase) are yet to be arrested. Two PNB bank accounts, one Central Bank accountand one Canara Bank account belonging to the accused have been frozen. The gangmembers have bought some property and vehicles with the ill gotten money. Allthese are being identified. Priyanka took the largest share of the money. Allefforts are being made to trace her at the earliest. Further investigation inthe case is on.


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