July 08, 2018 10:12 AM

Zirakpur (JS Kaler)

A workshop on traffic awareness was organized in the school premises. Representatives of Traffic Education Cell - Ms. Amol Kaur, Head Constable and Mr. Janak Raj and Constable Mr.Kulwinder Singh  of Mohali visited the school and interacted with the senior students. The workshop aimed to make students aware about the traffic rules and to empower them to ensureroad safety when driven by their parents.

Ms. Amoland Mr. Janak Raj accentuated the need to follow ‘Road Safety’ rules. Bus drivers and female bus attendants also attended the workshop. The highlighted issues included main reasons for injury or death caused in road accidents, importance of wearing helmet while driving, consequences of overtaking from wrong side or not giving indicator while turning, over speeding resulting in fatalities, drink and drive, teenagers driving without license, jumping the red traffic light, benefits of seat belt, penalizing for using cellphones while driving,giving way to Ambulance, fire brigade and police vans etc. Students had their doubts cleared, and asked several questions about the topic.

The main objective of the workshop was to make everybody, right from the school students to the female attendants, realize that, for a good and safe life one must obey road safety rules and traffic signals. Traffic signals like precautionary signals, warning signals and few videos were also shown to emphasize on the grave issue. It was a very informative workshop. It is important that students learn about various domains of life at the right age in order to be groomed as sensible individuals, and such workshops on regular basic ensure the same.

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