July 24, 2018 09:06 PM

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A team of Special Cell led by Inspr. Subhash Vats and Insp. Ajay Kumarunder the supervision of ShGovind Sharma ACP/NDR, has apprehended a notoriousand desperate peddler of fire arms & ammunitions namely Ram Krishna SinghSingh s/o Late Ram Subhag Singh r/o VillKasap, PSUdwantNagar,DisttBhojpur,Bihar, aged 55 yrs, and recovered 407 cartridges of different caliber includingammunitionsused in INSAS and Self Loading Rifles, used by para military &military forces of the country.




Special Cell is working vigorously against Inter-state Gun running syndicates since 2012. Several accused have been arrested and with the busting of several syndicates a large number weaponsand ammunitions have been recovered. The recovered illegal weapons were intended to be used by criminals for commission of crimes, but the timely apprehensionof gun runners has resulted in the saving of several lives.

Over the previous two months, there was information that a group of Bihar and UP West based criminalsare supplying cartridges of prohibited bore to Naxals active in Garhchiroli and other naxal infested areas of Maharashtra.

A dedicated team of Insp Subhash Vats and Insp Ajay Kumar comprising ofASI Raj Kumar, ASI Umesh Kumar, ASISurender Kumar, ASI Narender Kumar, H C Anshu Chaudhary, HC Banke Bihari, HCSatya Dev, ConstMukesh Kumar Const Sanjay Kumar, Monbir and Const Mool Chandwas taskedto identify and apprehend these suspects who were reported to be in collusionwith anti-national elements and were supplying illegal cartridges to Naxalitesof Garhchiroli, Maharashtra.


On 24/05/2018, a notorious and desperate Gunrunner namely Dhirender s/o Radheshyamr/o Firozabad UP was apprehended in case FIR No 19/2018 u/s 25 Arms Act PSSpecial Cell. A total of 95 cartridges and one illegal pistol was recoveredfrom his possession. During his interrogation, Dhirender disclosed that he usedto supply illegal cartridges to one Master of Distt. Bhojpur (Aara), Bihar, andthat this Master used to supply illegal cartridges to Naxals active in Garhchiroli area.

Mr. P.S.Kushwah, DCP,  Special Cell (MAC) said, based on this information, a hunt was initiated to locate andarrest this ‘Master’ of Bhojpur Bihar. During the course of investigation and intelligence operatio, it was revealed that real name of Master is Ram Krishna Singh s/oLate Ram Subhag Singh r/o Vill Kasap, PS Udvant Nagar, Distt Bhoj Pur, Bihar.

On12/07/2018, specific information was received that Ram Krishna Singh will be arrivingnear Shanti Van, Ring Road, Delhi for supplying a consignment of illegalcartridges to one of his associates in afternoon hours. A trap was laid and at theindicated hour, one person, who was identified by the informer as Ram Krishna Singh @ Master arrived. After waiting for a while probably looking for anassociate to arrive when he started moving, he was challenged by the deployed policeparty, Ram Krishna Singh tried an escape but was overpowered in a professionaloperation.

On his search a total of 407 illegal cartridges (60 cartridges of INSAS, 107 cartridges of SLR, 80 cartridges of .315 caliber and 160 cartridgesof 7.65 caliber) were recovered from the hand bag being carried by Ram KrishnaSingh. The recovered cartridges were seized and a case FIR No 85dt12/07/ 2018u/s 25 Arms Act PS Special Cell, has been registered in this regard.


The preliminary interrogation of Ram Krishna Singh has revealed that he hasbeen involved in Arms peddling since 2015. Earlier, he was a teacher in a Privateschool. After the School close down, he came in contact with some Arms supplierof Munger, who lured him into the nefarious trade. He used to procure fire arms from Mungerfor supplyingthe same to criminals of Bihar and Western UP, he also used to procurecartridges for supply to Naxalsactive inGarchiroli in Maharastra. He wasearlier arrested by staff of PS Naya Ram Nagar, Munger, Bihar in a fire armsPeddling case in 2015.

He used to trade in cartridges of all calibers includingprohibited caliber meant for INSAS&Self-loading Rifles, These cartridgeswere procured from Bhojpur, Bihar from a person (identity being withheld foroperational purposes). Till date, as perinterrogations he has supplied over15, 000cartridges to Naxlites in Garchiroliof Maharashtra. His other associates who are indulged in thisnefarious trade are being identified and traced for early apprehension. 

Police said, accused  Ram Krishna Singh has done his B.Com, and had earlier imparted educationin a private middle school. Subsequently to the closure of the school hes tarted imparting coaching in a private institute, before entering the world of crime.


Police said the accused was also wanted in Naya Ram Nagar, Munger Bihar in a case under section arms act registered in the year 2016.
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