August 03, 2018 09:24 PM

Chandigarh: (Face2News)

The farmers of Tehsil- Dharmkot, District Moga, alleged that with the support of local Congress leaders and the Administration mining mafia fully active in their area. Even they are so much fearless that they are doing it in broad daylight. In this regard they written a complaint to the State Chief Minister and demanded concrete action. In a press conference held here in Chandigarh Press Club today, Zamindar Phuman Singh, Zamindar Sadhu Singh and Zmindar Gurpreet Singh said that whether it’s the previous Government in the state or the present Government , everyone is blaming one another on the issue of illegal mining and the blame is going on too.

While the Captain Govt. makes a big claims that there is no illegal mining anywhere in the state and neither it will be allowed and all this was happening in the previous government era. Phuman Singh said that the latest example of eye opening can be seen in their area also.

With the help and support of local Congress leaders and Administration, illegal mining is being done by one contractor Prakash Singh S/o Jagir Singh. They said that under the supervision of the administration, under the control of his Tehsil Dharmkot Chokki Kamalak, about 8 acres of village Chak Singhpura. Whereas contractor Prakash Singh has been allotted for the land of Chiman Singh from the land of 0.76 hectares for mining, whose measles is number 11/7 min (6-16), 15 (8-0). But contractor Prakash Singh has been legally mining in half the number so far from the allotted area by the Government. The contractor has left the allotted area and started the mining land illegally without his knowledge.

The land, which is in the name of Dilawar Singh's son of Fuman Singh, son of Dewan Singh and Sarvan Singh, has started mining this illegitimate mine. 250 tipser and 100-150 trolley, which is done from Chain mounted (Pope Lane) machines. This is causing the government loss of 25-30 lakh rupees. They said that the land of Phuman Singh, Sadhu Singh and Gurpreet Singh also seems to be with this mining area, and they fear that illegal mining will be done by the contractor in their land too. They said that they do not want mining in their land, but they are getting threats from the contractor.

He said that he also given written complaint to the Deputy Commissioner, SSP and SDM about this, but no action has been taken till date on his complaint. Only SDM took cognizance of their complaint and took photographs on the spot for formalities but did not taken any action.

Rather they are getting death threats. He said that in this regard, he has given a written complaint to the Chief Minister of the state but no action has been taken on this. He is deeply hurt by this and considered it right to put his point forward to the media. He demanded the government to take action against the contractor Prakash Singh and prevent illegal mining in the area, due to which the public exchequer and the damage Could be stopped. He said that if the appropriate action is not taken then they will be forced to block the Highway to protest against illegal mining and Govt. will be responsible for the same.

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