October 13, 2018 07:41 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

A team of Special Cell/SouthernRange, led by Inspr. Shiv Kumar underthe supervision of ACP Attar Singh has busted an Interstate narcotics cartel. Twokey members of cartel namely (1) Ikram (30 years) r/o Distt. Sahranpur, UP and (2) Arvind Rana (35) r/o Distt. Saharanpur, UP have been arrestedon 12.10.2018 from near Commonwealth Games village. Six kilograms of goodquality heroin worth Rs. 24 crores in the International market has beenrecovered from their possession. One Scorpio car used by arrested drugsuppliers for supplying drugs has also been recovered and seized.

Mr. PramodSingh Kushwah, Dy. Commissioner of Police, Special Cell, said special Cell in its tirade againstdrug suppliers has busted several narcotic drug cartels in the past byarresting various members of these cartels and by recovering huge consignmentsof heroin. It is worthwhile to mention here that Special cell had succeeded inbusting more than 17 narcotics cartels and has recovered more than 125 kgs of heroin during last one year. 

Sleuths of Special Cell of Southern Range were working on an information that an interstate narcotics cartel is active in the states of UP, Punjab Haryana, Delhi etc. Members of this cartel are involved in supply ofheroin in Saharanpur, Meerut in UP, Haryana and Delhi. This information was further developed through human surveillance. It took painstaking efforts of 3 months to develop this information. During this process, members of this cartel were identified and their activities werekept under discreet surveillance.

He further said, on Friday, specific informationwas received by Inspr. Shiv Kumar that two members of this cartel namely Ikramand Arvind Rana would deliver a big consignment of heroin to one of theircontacts underneath flyover near Commonwealth Games village on Delhi-Meerutexpressway between 12 to 1 PM. Accordingly a trap was laid underneath aboveflyover near Commonwealth Games village. At about 12:20 PM, a scorpio carbearing No. UP11BJ-6358 coming from Gazipur border side stopped beneath flyover.

Police said, two persons came out from the scorpiocar and waited for someone. Informer identified both of them as Ikram andArvind Rana. After 10 minutes, both started to get in their car when they weresurrounded by the members of team and were overpowered. Both were searched and4 kgs heroin i.e. 2 kgs from each was recovered. During the search of scorpiocar, 2 kgs. heroin was also recovered. Thus total 6 kgs heroin was seized at spot. A case under the appropriate sections of law has been registered at PS Special Cell.  

Both the accused persons weresubjected to sustained interrogation wherein they disclosed that they aremembers of an interstate narcotic drug cartel.

Accused Ikram and Arvind Rana disclosedthat the recovered consignment of heroin was procured by them from a person indistrict Bareilly. They also revealed told that said person is a notorious drugsupplier of Bareilly and he is on parole in a case of NDPS Act.

Both have disclosed that they were indulging in the supply of heroin for last 10 years and have been supplying heroin to various persons in Delhi, Meerut and

Saharanpur in UP and Haryana. Both have already supplied more than 80 kgsheroin to the drug peddlers in Delhi during the past 1 year.   

Police said, accused Ikram hails from a middle class family. He is a school dropout. Ikram came in contactwith one notorious drug supplier of Bareilly through one of his neighbour, whowas a drug addict. Therafter, Ikram developed his own network of supply of heroin. 

ArvindRana also hails from a middle class family. Arvind is also a school dropout. Arvind Rana is known to of Ikram since childhood as he belongs to a neighbouring village. Ikram had lured him to work as his carrier of heroin. For the last 10 years he is working as acarrier of heroin for Ikram.Efforts are afoot to identity theforward and backward linkages of this narcotic drug network and to arrest the main supplier of heroin.


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