October 13, 2018 07:54 PM

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Police teams of South-West Districthas apprehended one minor boy and arrested his sister namely Sunita(namechanged) (a first year B.Com student of Delhi University) R/o Delhi involved in kidnapping of  three year old child and successfully rescued the kidnapped child safely from the clutches of kidnappers. 

Mr. Devender Arya , IPS, DCP, said, on 11.10.2018 a PCR call regarding missing of a child age about 3 years was received at PS VasantKunj South. During the course of preliminary inquiryit came into notice that accused person has demanded ransom to release thekidnapped child from the child’s father. Accused person was demanding ransom onthe “Whatsapp App” to evade his identity and location. Accordingly a Case videFIR No.511/18 u/s 364A PS Vasant Kunj South was registered and investigationwas taken up.

Keepingin view of the gravity of the crime several teams of South-West District ledby Inpsr. Sanjeev Kumar SHO/Vasant KunjSouth, Inspr. Ritu Raj SHO/Vasant Kunj North under the supervision of Sh.Ramesh Kumar ACP/Vasant Kunj, Sh. Uma Shankar ACP/Delhi Cantt. under theoverall supervision of Ms. Benita Marry Jaikar Addl. DCP-I & Sh. Ajay PalSingh Tomar Addl. DCP-II South West District were constituted and assigned to rescue the child safely.Several raids were conducted to nab the criminal at the possible hideouts ofthe criminals.

The painstaking efforts of the team bore fruit when the team succeeded in arrestingone lady namely Sunita(name changed) from her residence in Ghitorni area within24 Hrs. through technical surveillance.

During the course of investigation it revealed that ransom messages were sent to the victim’sfather through Whatsapp. By technical surveillance it appeared that hotspot ofmobile of accused Sunita(name changed) was used for sending messages.

During sustained interrogation alleged Sunita(namechanged) revealed that she hatched a conspiracy to kidnap the child for ransomwith her brother. Both hired a room nearby her resident in Ghitroni area andkept child in that room after kidnapping. Later they sent messages on themobile of the victim’s father for ransom. On the basis of technical surveillanceand other evidences accused was interrogated and she confesses her involvementin crime and also disclosed the place where the child was kept. The kidnapped Childwas rescued safely on the instance of the kidnappers.

MODUS OPERANDI: To earn easy and quick moneyaccused Sunita(name changed) alongwith her minor brother hatched a conspiracyto kidnap the child in the month of August 2018. She used modern technique ofWhatapp cloning to use two Whatsapp application in single device for demand ofransom amount. To hide the victim they hired a room and after kidnapping thechild they kept the child in the same room and later demanded huge amont asransom money from the father of the child via Whatsapp messages. 


Exhibiting brilliant investigation skills and professional competence, the staff of PoliceStation–Nangloi not only worked out a case of kidnapping within 72 hours but also arrested the accusedand rescued the kidnapped minorboy aged 7 yearsfrom a house in Kotlaroad, Tapa Khurd, Savita Nagar, Ferozabad, Uttar Pradesh.

SEJU P. KURUVILLA, IPS, DCP, said, on 08.10.2018, a PCR call was received in PS Nangloi that a minor male child aged7 years was missing. SI Jagbir Singh attended the call and the complainant R/oSwarn Park, Mundka, Delhi stated that his son aged 7 years was missing from hishouse since 1 PM and doubted that someone has kidnapped him. Subsequently acase vide FIR No. 384/18 U/s 363 IPC dt 08.10.18 was registered in PS Nangloiand the investigation was taken up.


Keeping in view the gravity of the incident the following 02 teams of PS Nangloi wereconstituted under the leadership of Inspr. Vishuddhanand Jha, SHO/Nangloi andunder overall supervision of Sh.Vinit Kumar, ACP/Nangloi, Outer District, Delhi and separatetasks were assigned to them in order to take up all aspects of investigation.
*Team (B) : Inspr.Rajesh Kumar, SI Pankaj Saroha and HC Kapil Dev.


During the investigation CCTV Cameras of the locality were analysed and found that thechild was taken by one of the complainant's neighbour Raj Kumar, aged 24 yearson his M/cycle on the same day. Accordingly the search of the complainant'sneighbour was made at & around his house but he was not found present. Hisfamily members informed that Raj Kumar went away from the house withoutinforming anyone.

Thereafter technical surveillance of the mobile number of thesuspect revealed that he was the native of District Etah (Uttar Pradesh) andhis last location was found at his sister’s residence in Faridabad (Haryana).The search was done at the suspect Raj Kumar's sister house at Roshan Nagar,District Faridabad (Haryana) but it came to notice that he went there alongwith the kidnapped boy and stayed there whole night.

But in early morning healong with kidnapped boy left his sister's house for some unknown place. Thefirst team consisting of ASI Gulab Singh and Const Sandeep was sent to thenative village of suspect Raj Kumar who were directed to collect localinformation about him. On 10.10.18 the mobile phone of Raj Kumar was found tobe switched on for some time in evening and his location was found at Ferozabad(UP). Accordingly the second team comprising of Inspr. Rajesh Kumar, SI PankajSaroha and HC Kapil immediately departed for Ferozabad (UP) and raided thelocation through electronic modules. They not only recovered the kidnappedchild safely from a house at Kotla Road, Tapa Khurd, Savita Nagar, Ferozabad(UP) but also arrested the accused Raj Kumar.

INTERROGATION : Onsustained interrogation the accused confessed about the kidnapping of the minorchild and disclosed that the complainant & the accused are well known toeach other. He wanted to borrow Rs 5000/- from the complainant on 06.10.2018 but he refused for the same. Therefore in a fit of anger he kidnapped the childof the complainant to teach him a lesson. 

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