October 16, 2018 08:31 PM

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The sleuths of the Anti-Narcotics Squad/Dwarka District has arrested one supplier of illegal Ganja from Uttam Nagar area while he was waiting on his Scooty fordelivery of the narcotics consignment to a peddler of West Delhi. Five  Kilograms of Ganja was recovered from the accusedBharat Kumar @ Mogli S/O Rajender Kumar R/O B-Block, JJ Colony, RaghubirNagar, New Delhi, Aged-24 years.

Upon this, a case vide FIR No. 951/18dated 11.10.18 u/s 20/61/85 NDPS ActP.S. Uttam Nagar has been registered and investigation is being carried out tofind out the source of contraband and to arrest the co-accused persons. 

Mr. Antoalphonse, IPS, DCP, said  on intervening night of 10/11.10.18, sleuths of the Anti-NarcoticsSquad, Dwarka led by Inspr. Raj Kumar comprising of SI Roshan Lal, ASI Randhir,ASI Shyam Singh, ASI Manoj, HC Jitender, HC Dharmender, Ct Jagat Singh, Ct Amit, Ct Manish, CtVinod, Ct Arjun and Ct Rajbir were carrying out patrolling in three vehicles in the area. Atabout 12:10 AM, one person with a bag hung on his shoulder was spotted to besitting on a Scooty in a dark stretch near Metro Pillar No. 710. On suspicion,as the patrolling car stopped near him, the scooty zipped past the patrollingcar, towards Uttam Nagar side but skidded and fell down while taking a sharpleft turn in front of Metro Pillar No. 706. The rider was helped in getting upbut he tried to flee. However, he was overpowered and on enquiry his name andaddress was revealed as Bharat Kumar @ Mogli S/ORajender Kumar R/O B-Block, JJ Colony, Raghubir Nagar, New Delhi, Age-24 years. When questioned about bag hung on his shoulder, he triedto mislead the police. His bag was unzipped and checked. A White polythenestuffed with illegal Ganja was found in the bag, which on weighing, was foundto be 05 Kilograms. In this regard, a case FIR No. 951/18 dated 11.10.18 u/s20/61/85 NDPS Act was registered at P.S. Uttam Nagar and investigation takenup. The ScootyNo. DL-9S-AR-1973 TVS Wego was taken into police possession. Accused BharatKumar @ Mogli was arrested and produced before the Special Court of NDPS atDwarka District Courts on 11.10.18. The accused was remanded to police custodyto affect more recoveries and for finding the source of Ganja and to arrest theco-accused persons.

During interrogation, accused Bharat Kumar @ Mogli revealed that Cannabis (Ganja) usedto be delivered to him by a person in Faridabad (Haryana) and by another personin Ghaziabad (UP). After procuring the Cannabis (Ganja), he used to supply itin small quantities to peddlers in West Delhi area. He belongs to Saansi community which is traditionally involved in selling liquor. He is a matriculate and has been supplying Ganja to peddlers in West Delhi for the last two years. He wanted to earn quick-money to fulfill his dream of being super-rich and lead a lavishlife style. Further investigation and interrogation is being carried out and the chain of supply isbeing investigated. Further arrests and recovery are likely.

In an other case on 16/05/2018, a team of SpecialCell/Northern Range, led by Inspr. Vivekanand Pathak had busted an Interstatedrug cartel by arresting its three key members/carriers namely (1) Shakil r/oDistt. Shahjahanpur, UP. (age30 years), (2) Irshad r/o Distt. Badaun, UP. (age 29 years) and (3) JitenderYadav r/o Distt. Chatra, Jharkhand. (age 23 years). 05kgs of high quality heroin worth Rs. 20 crores in the international market wererecovered from them besides several mobile handsets and SIM cards used in thedrug trafficking activities.

On interrogation, theydisclosed that Sarvan Yadav was the main source of supply of heroin in the abovecase. Since then, Sarvan Yadav had been on the run and evading his arrest. Despitethe best efforts put in by the team, he could not have been arrested. Hence, areward of Rs. 50,000/- was declared on his arrest by Delhi Police.On12/10/2018, a team of Special Cell, Northern Range consisting of ASI Sanjay,ASI Vijender and Ct. Bhupender, apprehended the aforementioned rewardednotorious drug supplier, Sarvan Yadav, from New Delhi Railway Station andarrested in Case FIR No. 62/2018, PS Special Cell, Delhi. Since early morning,the team had been receiving continuous secret inputs regarding the movement ofSarvan Yadav in different areas of Dwarka, Shadi Pur and Patel Nagar and accordinglychased him, but each time he managed to dodge the team. Finally, he reached NewDelhi Railway Station to board the train for Jharkhand, but in the nick of the timehe was apprehended by the team.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, DCP, said,  Sarvan Yadav is a resident of Chatra, Jharkhand and belongs to a economicallybackward family. He studied upto 10th standard from his villageschool. He disclosed that he hasbeen indulged in trafficking of narcotic drugs since last 4-5 years.

He has supplied more than 50 kgs of heroin to several persons till now. He disclosed that he used to supply heroin to Lal Mohammad,father-in-law of Irshad.

Later on Irshad also started taking supply from him. He categorically disclosed to have supplied heroin to Irshad, Shakil and JitenderYadav in this case. Sarvan Yadav used to procure big consignment of heroin fromdistant areas of Manipur, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand and further supplythe same to his various contacts and drug dealers in UP and Delhi/ NCR. Hischief source includes Shailnder, Deepak and Bhanu, all resident of Jharkhand. Furtherinvestigation of the case is in progress.

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