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Kids at the orphanage enjoy the film that connects them to Punjab’s rich heritage

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Punjabi entertainment industry has always focused on the stories that hit a chord with the viewers. Films made in Pollywood are written to include emotions, comedy and a flavor of Punjabiyat in them. This is the reason most of these stories are received well and remembered for a long time. One such film that has received positive response from the audiences and has left an impact on them is ‘Aate Di Chidi’. The makers of the film recently organized a special screening of the film for the young kids at PrabhAasra orphanage at VR Punjab. 

The movie has been in news right from its announcement because of the fresh pairing of NeeruBajwa opposite AmritMaan. Alongside these two talented artists, the film also has stellar actors like veteran Punjabi actor SardarSohi, GurpreetGhuggi, BN Sharma, KaramjitAnmol, Nirmal Rishi, HarbySangha, NishaBano, PreetoSawhney, BalvirBoparai, DilawarSidhu, PrakashGadhu, and AnmolVerma. Aate Di Chidi is a story about Punjab’s issues which are gently showcased in a humorous way. It is a giggle-fest for the audiences with an equal measure of emotions added to it.

The movie is helmed by Harry Bhatti and RajuVerma has written the story. The movie has been shot in Punjab and Canada. The entire project is produced by Teg Productions’ Charanjit Singh Walia and Tegbir Singh Walia. GRS Chhina (Calgary, Canada) has co-produced this film.

After receiving immense love from the viewers in multiplexes, the producers of the film organized a special screening of the film at PrabhAasra orphanage for thekids and youngsters in VR Punjab Mall.Child actor AnmolVerma, Actress PreetoSawhney, line producer Parveen Kumar and producer Charanjit Singh Walia were present at the event. The film has touched upon some of the most sensitive issues of Punjab including drug menace, urbanization and loss of villages, quest of people to shift to foreign lands and the slow death of the state’s rich cultural heritage. ‘Aate Di Chidi’ talks of all this and more through a family of five who spread the message of beginning a change right from their home.

Nisha, a PrabhAasra resident said, “We do watch movies but ‘Aate Di Chidi’ was special because we watched it alongside the producer of the film. I am a NeeruBajwa fan. I love her acting and she looked beautiful in the film. But the best part was the story. Even we are told the stories of Aate Di Chidi and how beautiful our Punjab is, at the orphanage. The movie has also given the same message. I liked the film very much and enjoyed watching it with all my friends.”

An official from the management of PrabhAasra told, “ When SardarCharanjit Singh ji called us that he wants to take our children for the screening we were overwhelmed because this is the first time a filmmaker has taken interest in making the kids feel special like this. ‘Aate Di Chidi’ is a family-oriented film, everyone from the PrabhAasra family sat together at VR Punjab to enjoy it. The story is told so sensitively and with comedy at the right places that you do feel that our motherland needs our attention, and now. All the children and I thank the producers for arranging such a memorable day for us.”

“This film has always been about connecting with the audiences instead of just a money-making project. We want to spread the message this film wants to convey far and wide. And who would be a better choice than the young generation. That’s why we took the kids from PrabhAasra for this special screening. Now, we would also like to use this opportunity to announce that we have made it free to be shown at the orphanages and old age homes across Punjab. We want Punjab’s rich heritage to be safeguarded and if the film is able to create this awareness, we will consider our efforts successful “, Charanjit Singh Walia and Tegbir Singh Walia from Teg Productions quoted.
‘Aate Di Chidi’ has already been released worldwide on 18th of October.

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