October 27, 2018 06:07 PM

Chandigarh(Sanjana Jindal)

Shoppers from Tricity and the adjoining areas made the most of attractive discounts as they thronged CII Chandigarh Fair 2018 at the Parade Ground on the second day today. Hundreds visited the fair with families to shop for Diwali festivities. Some innovative product ideas attracted the crowds at the fair. 

Shop till you win! 

One of the special features of CII Chandigarh Fair is Shop to Win, an exclusive Lucky Draw where consumers can shop for Rs 3,000 and get a chance to win prizes from many brands. Some of the major brands which are rewarding the shoppers include Robam, Bonn, Cornitos Nachos, Sona Masale, Too Yum, Vicco, Himalaya, Organic India, MTR Foods, BFC International, Revekaa, Talod Gruh Udyog.

 Adventure ride finds favor with visitors

Another interesting feature that is creating huge interest is the Adventure Ride by JEEP. The ride is aimed at showcasing capabilities of its vehicles. The vehicles possess countless unique features. On wearing the seat belt the hand brake is automatically disengaged and on taking the seat belt out, hand brake gets engaged. If the seat belt is not worn, the vehicle will not move and one has to manually disengage the hand brake to have the vehicle moving. Another feature is Deep Hill Assist which will not let it roll back for a certain time once it is uphill. Also, it can easily crawl through big boulders.

Even if the vehicle tilts at 35 degrees angle, the bucket seats prevent people sitting inside from slipping over. The break-assisted LSD stops the wheel in air from moving freely thus preventing loss of energy and provides power to the other wheel so that the vehicle can continue to move easily. Reverse camera turns along with the steering wheel thus depicting the accuracy of both the camera and sensor. The vehicle can easily climb with 1,000 RPM. This part of the ride articulates traction control of the vehicle. 

“The ride is not only unique to the Fair but at the same time it gives an amazing experience. It provides the feel of a vehicle which is actually meant for adventure trips”, shared an elated Rahul, a resident of Panchkula.

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