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The representatives of 25 unions of All Contractual Front held Press Conference in lieu of their genuine demands and grievances of Contractual Employees and Outsourcing Workers who are being exploited and discriminated at the hands of Chandigarh administration having no Equality,Social Security and Security of Tenure in the absence of any Central policy since 20 years at Press Club on Wednesday.

 While interacting with media President Ashok kumar and Chairman Vipin Shersingh of All Contractual Karamchari Sangh, said that presently the Chandigarh administration has engaged thousands no. of the Contractual Employees directly by categorizing into Contractual,Guest,Part -Time,Resource etc and Outsourcing Workers through authorized agencies or Pvt. Contractors and also through Central Schemes of NHM and SSA etc.

President Ashok kumar said that the All Contractual Karamchari Sangh praised for the efforts of Ms Kirron Kher, M.P and Sh V.P Badnore in support to genuine demands of Contractual Employees and Outsourcing Workers to consider to adopt positively the Punjab policies by Chandigarh administration .Ms Kirron Kher wrote to Chandigarh administration in September to consider the genuine cause positively and Administrator too assured to inquire at high level into the matter positively with Chandigarh administration.

He added that but presently the administration replied back to M.P in October to consider by agreeing to adopt Punjab policy by taking view of the Punjab Act 2016 which is subjudice and is under repeal due to directions of Punjab and Haryana High Court .

Sh B.L.Sharma, Secretary Personnel reply has turned to be misleading as it is concealing the real facts by " Pick and Choose " to M.P. , Kirron Kher and the Administrator who are genuinely supporting the cause of Contractual and Outsourcing Employees and Workers as these employees are suffering due to absence of any Central Policy since 20 years

The delegation of Karamchari Sangh. apprised Ms Kirron Kher office to ask Chandigarh administration again to allow or adopt the undisputed regularization policy of year 2011 which they are actually demanding and not to delay the cause further. She assured to reconsider the demands by clarification it again with administration.

It is pertinent to mention that the Punjab Welfare Act No 55 of year 2016 tends to regularize the 3 year contractual services of all categories of group A,B,C,D contractual employees completing three years and also converts the outsourcing services of all categories of Outsourcing Workers directly into Contractual Employees giving them Equality by completing three years of Outsourcing services. But it is under repeal by Punjab Govt and this may delay the real cause of suffering Contractual Employees.

Chairman Vipin Sher singh said that Karamchari Sangh apprised that earlier the Punjab Govt. had made its regularization policy dated 18.3.2011 too on the basis of UMA Devi VA State of Karnataka as One Time Measure by regularization the contractual services of the employees completing three year and is not disputed by any court of Law and it can also be adopted for the welfare of contractual employees in U.T.,Chandigarh. The Contractual Employees are demanding regularization like neighboring states. 

On the other hand the Outsourcing Workers are also being exploited and discriminated at the hands of Private Contractors by means of " Hire or Fire " having no security of their jobs . The Outsourcing Workers are demanding Equal Work - Equal Pay as they are getting lower salaries even than Living Wages and also seeks Non replacement or Non removal of existing Workers in lieu of Change of Tender and Contractor by issuance of notification for same by administration.

The Central Scheme Workers of NHM are also demanding enhancement of salaries on the pattern of another Central of SSA in U.T.,Chandigarh.

The All Contractual Karamchari Sangh will raise their voice louder to reach to the deaf ears of Chandigarh administration and announced their Programme to be organized in peaceful manner.

*26th November- Constitution Day - Wearing in of Black Ribbons or Clothes in Violation of Constitution by Chandigarh administration.

*28th November- Candle March Protest

*4th December- Human Rights Day- Human Chain in voilation of Human Rights by Chandigarh administration.


There is great resentment among Outsourcing Workers and Contractual employees in U.T that the neighboring states have secured and are still securing their contractual and outsourcing employees and workers but no such action has been taken by Chandigarh Administration for security of these temporary employees.*

*It is also pertinent to mention here that Karamchari Sangh had held rally at Rally Ground on 4th October 2018 to put their demands on the deaf ears of Chandigarh administration*

The major demands

*Adoption of Regularization Policies of 2011 of Punjab as ONE TIME MEASURE in the absence of any Central policy since 20 years in U.T.,Chandigarh.*

*Grant of Equal Work Equal Pay as per 25(2) clause of Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act 1970,Central Guidelines and as per Supreme Court judgment to Outsourcing Workers.*

*Non Replacement and Non Removal of existing Outsourcing Workers in lieu of Change of Tender or Contractor by issuance of notification by administration.

*Enhancement of salaries of NHM workers on the same pattern of another Central Scheme of SSA.

*Ban or Secure Contract or Outsourcing system proving to be exploitation and discrimination of qualified youth and intelligentsia.

*All Contractual Karamchari Sangh had also given various memorandum to Chandigarh administration but no meeting could have been scheduled so far.

*Chandigarh administration has no solution for Equality,Social Security and Security of tenure of these employees and workers in the absence of any Central Policy since 20 years whereas the neighboring states of Punjab,Haryana and Himachal have already secured these contractual and outsourcing employees and workers by means of secure policies.

The Contractual employees and Outsourcing workers in U.T.,Chandigarh are suffering in non adoption of Punjab policy even due to "Constitutional Anamoly of U.T," who is still waiting to clear its status since its formation in 1966 in 51 years and having the administrative structure of 60:40 ratio of neighboring states.

The bureaucracy of neighboring states are enjoying the facilities and luxuries of 'Smart City' or 'City of Employees' and have become 'City of Labour' having 70% ratio of Contractual Employees and Outsourcing workers due to incompetency and non decision making of the administration in securing these temporary employees by means of regularization policy resulting them into TIME PASS Buearacracy.

The bigger failure of Chandigarh administration is in not abling to finalize the recruitment rules for sanctioned posts since 51 years and they had made these stop gap or irregular appointments with proper selection procedure continuing since 20 years which is now being proved to be in violation of Constitution and Apex Court judgments or Human Rights due to their incompetency in securing them with in time frame and is exploitation and discrimination of qualified youth and intelligentsia in U.T.,Chandigarh.

Under the Constitutional Anamoly of the U.T ,Chandigarh, it is following Punjab Civil services rules vide Govt of India notification 13.1.92. As there is no central policy and the administration can adopt the Regularization policy-2011 of Punjab in absence of any Central policy since 20 years.The Administrator is competent to adopt the same in U.T. for welfare of contractual employees suffering.

But the " Pick and Choose " of rules has been made a tool of exploitation by Chandigarh administration forcing employees for Litigations to fulfill their genuine demands due to incompetent powers and no decision making by Chandigarh administration even in presence of POLITICAL WILL to resolve the issues.

All Contractual Karamchari Sangh will further intense their voice and fight against injustice by means of strike if the Chandigarh administration fails to make any heed into their genuine demands in near future.

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