November 25, 2018 09:07 PM

Rare war photos, artefacts captivate youth aspiring to serve defence forces


Chandigarh (Face2News)

The unheard real-life stories of Indian Army's indomitable courage in securing nation's frontiers rented the air as battle hardened veterans dazzled the audiences during the Combat Episode Discussions at Museum Art Gallery Auditorium here. 

The evolution of the Indian Army in the major operations which it has participated in since the first World War through the World War II,  1947 War, Battles with Pakistan and China leading upto the Kargil War has also been vividly brought alive through rare pictures and artefacts on display at the Museum Art Gallery. 

Exhorting the youth to choose defence forces as the route to serve the country was none other than former Chief of Army staff, General VP Malik, who along with his wife was in attendance during the events held in the city today in run up to the much anticipated Military Literature Festival (MLF), 2018. 

General Malik also lauded the organizing team of the Western Command of the Indian Army for coming up with an amazing collection once again. 

The Combat Discussions witnessed ten veteran officers sharing their combat experiences with the discerning audiences composed of defence scholars, students, NCC cadets as wells as large gathering of military families. Most of these celebrated defence minds would be setting the stage on fire in several key panel discussions during the main event in December. 

The MLF slated to be held here from December 7-9 is the joint initiative of the Punjab Government, led by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, and the Chandigarh Administration led by V P Singh Badnore, in collaboration with the Indian Army. 

The events being held as part of the build up to the main event are aimed at providing a platform to defence veterans and families to pass on their war experiences to the younger generations to invoke a feeling of patriotism and love for the country. 

A total of 200 original historic photographs, artefacts, memorabilia pertaining to various battles including Great Sikh Wars are on display in the exhibition, which ended today. Various serving and retired military veterans have personally contributed these priceless pictures, trophies and paintings to the MLF. 

In another related event, at the crack of dawn over 250 bird enthusiasts ranging from young children to 80 year olds participated in the Birdwatching Workshop organised at the Lake Club. 

Led by seasoned birders, the passionate nature lovers were set off to prime bird habitats across the tri city. After a full day of Jungle bashing, the groups returned with a list of 184 species out of a total of 242 identified in the region. 

Lauding the efforts of the organisers for the unique event, Senior Advisor to the Chief Minister Lt. General (Retd.) T S Shergill said efforts like these would go a long way in promoting a sense of oneness with nature. He called for more such events in the near future. 

A highlight of the Military exhibition was the rare doodle of the 'Hero of Dograi' Lt. Colonel Desmond E Hyde. The artwork had been created by world famous artist M F Hussain Asbsinoke tribute to the gallant officer who led 3-Jat in an inspiring manner to secure victory over Pakistanis by safeguarding Dograi on the outskirts of Lahore twice during the  1965 war. 

Invoking a deep sense of patriotism and respect for our fallen soldiers, are the busts of 1971 war hero Abdul Hamid, PVC (Posthumously), and Kargil braveheart 18 Grenadier Yogendra Yadav. 

The handwritten notes, DOs, service particulars of Field Marshal K M Kariappa besides 'Don't and Dos for young officers' a helpbook penned by him further gives one the insight into the mind of the distinguished officer. 

The Exhibition carefully designed to showcase the various landmarks achieved by the Indian soldiers around the world.

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