November 28, 2018 08:57 PM

New Delhi (Face2News) 

The Staff of STARS-II,Crime Branch, Shakar Pur, Delhi has arrested accused namely RahulNarang R/o Delhi aged 44 years, who is owner of gym located in GreaterKailash-II and he cheated his customer of Rs. 1.15 Crore. 

Dr.G Ram Gopal Naik, Deputy Commissionerof Police, Crime Branch, said case FIR No. 289/18 dated16.11.18 u/s 406/420/506 IPC PS Crime Branch was registered on the complaint ofSh. Sunil Verma who alleged that he is customer of Gym located in Greater Kailash-II owned by accused Rahul Narang.

Accused Rahul Narang induced thecomplainant to sell his 6 luxury BMW, Audi & Mercedes cars and took his Rs.1.15 Crore from him in year 2017 and he handed over the sale letter & R/cof cars to the complainant Sunil Verma but sold the cars to other persons .During the investigation a team of Insp. Surender Kumar consisting of SI Pawan Yadav ,ASI Upender HC Gurcharan& Ct. Kapil was constituted under the supervisionof Sh. Arvind Kumar, ACP/STARS-II/ Crime. The team interrogated the accusedRahul Narang and after thorough interrogation, arrested him in case andobtained his police remand.


Accused Rahul Narang was arrested on22.11.18 & his police remand was taken. During interrogation, accusedRahul Narang disclosed that he runs Gym since year 1995 and he lives lavishlifestyle and he is fond of super luxury cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc. He used to change his cars after every 6/8 months. Due to his lavish lifestyle, hetook loans from banks and people to maintain the same. He used his luxury cars and life style to show himself rich and well reputed in society. Then, he askedmoney from his customers and offered them his luxury cars.

Complainant also gave him 1.15 Crore but Rahul offered him his 6 cars but he did not handed over him 5 cars and sold them to other persons/dealers. In this way, accused Rahul Narang cheated the complainant & many others of his customers. Investigation about the allegation by other people, who were cheated by Rahul Narang is on.

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