November 28, 2018 09:26 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

A team of SpecialCell/SR led by Insp. Ishwar Singh, under the supervision of Sh. AttarSingh, ACP/Special Cell/SR has busted an International syndicate indulging incirculation of Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) in various parts of India,including Delhi & NCR. Team has recovered FICN worth Rs. 8.48 Lakhs in the denomination of Rs. 2000/- currency notes. The arrested persons have beenidentified as (1)Farooq @ Lambu (age 27 yrs) R/o Distt Malda (WB), Shariful Islam (age 21yrs) R/o Distt Malda (WB) ,  Asif Raj (age 27 yrs) R/o Distt Motihari (Bihar) and (4) Mukhtiar Ahmed (age 28Years) R/o Distt. Parsha, Nepal.

Mr. P.K. Kushwah, DCP, said, information wasreceived in Special Cell regarding attempts of circulation of FICN by themembers of an international syndicate. A team headed by Insp. Ishwar Singh, comprisingof SI Nirbhay Rana, SI Aditya Malik, ASI Balraj, ASI Devender Bhati, HC AjayTokas, and Ct. Mohit etc. was deputed to develop the information about thesyndicate. Secret sources were deployed with specific tasking in this regard.Surveillance was mounted on the movements of members of this syndicate andrequisite intelligence was collected. The strenuous and painstaking efforts ofmore than four months by the team revealed that FICN is being pumped into Indiafrom Nepal and Bangladesh through Indo-Bangla border Malda District, WestBengal. It was also revealed that FICN was being pumped bythese racketeers in various parts of the country including Delhi & NCRthrough this route.

On 21.11.2018, specific information was received that one Farooq @ Lambu ofDistrict Malda (W.B.), who is a key member of the syndicate, would reach Delhiat Siri Fort Road Bus Stand at about 6 pm to receive a big consignment of FICN fromhis contact. Having received the above information, police team swung intoaction and a trap was laid near the said bus stop. At around 6.30 pm, twopersons were nabbed with FICNs i.e. 300 Fake Indian Currency Notes in the denominationof Rs 2000/- amounting Rs. Six (6) Lakhs. Four (4) Lakhs of FICNs wererecovered from the possession of accused Farooq @ Lambu and FICN of Rs 2 Lakhs were recovered from the accusedShariful. A case under appropriate sections of law was registered at PS SpecialCell.

Duringinvestigation, accused Shariful Islam disclosed that he used to supply FICNs toan another contact namely Asif Raj in Delhi. Asif Raj was nabbed on 22.11.2018on the instance of accused Shariful Islam and a total Twenty Four (24) FakeIndian Currency Notes of Rs 2,000/- denomination amounting to Rs. 48,000/-wererecovered from his possession. Accuseddisclosed that he gets supply from a person of Malda (West Bengal) and MukhtiarAhmed of Nepal. Mukhtiar Ahmed wasarrested today morning i.e. on 28.11.2018 from Anand Vihar Railway Station. FICNsof Rs. 2 Lakhs were recovered from Mukhtiar Ahmed.


From the intensive interrogation of the accused persons, it has been revealed thataccused Farooq @ Lambu and Shariful are partners in this syndicate. Arrestedpersons have been indulging in FICN circulation for the last about 8years. Accused Shariful disclosed thathe collected the FICN of Rs. 6 (six) Lakhs from his contact in District Maldaand came to Delhi to deliver the same to Farooq @ Lambu at Siri Fort Road andalso to one Asif Raj. Earlier, accused Farooq @ Lambu and Shariful used tovisit Bangladesh Border for procuring FICNs from theirBangladeshi counterparts. MukhtiarAhmed used to handover the consignments of FICN to Shariful and Asif in Raxual,near Indo-Nepal border. Mukhtiar Ahmed gets supply of FICN from two persons ofBeerganj (Nepal).

Arrested four accused personshave further disclosed that after demonetization, they have already circulated morethan 60-70 Lakhs of FICNs in different parts of India including Bihar, Haryana,Delhi & NCR etc. Asif has been foundarrested thrice in various cases of FICN in Haryana, Bihar and Delhi. Firstlyhe was arrested by the Bihar police in 2015 and FICN of Rs. 50,000/- wererecovered from him. Second time he was arrested by the Gurgaon police in 2015.On 04.12.2017, he was arrested by the Special Cell, Delhi and FICNs amountingto Rs. 3,00,000/- were recovered in this particular case.

At the first sight, it is difficult todistinguish the recovered fake currency notes with the original ones as theyeven have security features like water marks. 


Shariful Islam was born in 199 8in District Malda (West Bengal). He is a school dropout. Earlier he used to doodd jobs. But, since, his income was meager to fulfill his basic requirements;he indulged in supplying of FICNs in Delhi and other states. Farooq Sheikh 27 years old and a  school dropout. About 10 years back, he came to Gurgaon and worked in a constructioncompany. Later he also worked as a fruit vendor. He came in contact with aperson who lured him to step him in illegal activity of supplying FICNs inDelhi & NCR. Asif Raj 27 years old & has studied upto 12th standard. He came to Delhi about 10 years back. Earlierhe used to do odd jobs, but gradually he indulged in circulating of FICNs invarious parts of India including Bihar, UP, Haryana and Delhi NCR etc. He is having a deep network of FICN suppliersin various states. He has beenpreviously arrested in cases of FICN. Mukhtiar Ahmed: He is 28 years old. He is citizen of Nepal and is a school dropout. Earlier he used to work as a transport labourer.Gradually he started supplying FICNs to his counterparts in India. He used toprocure FICNs from Zamil Akhtar for circulation in India through Asif Raj. Further investigationof case is in progress.

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