December 05, 2018 09:35 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

Withthe arrest of one person namely Siddharth @ Siddhu R/o. E- Block, Goyla Dairy,Delhi, Age 23 Yrs, the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Crime Branch, has busted a syndicate involved in procuring and supplying Counterfeit Currency Notes in and around Delhi and has seized Counterfeit Currency Notes worth RS2,03,100/- in denomination of Rs 2000/-, 500/- & 100/-.

Mr. Rajiv Ranjan, IPS, said, on December 4 a secret information was received to ASI Joginder Singh of SIU/CrimeBranch that supply of fine quality counterfeit currency notes in and around Delhi by the accused. T

his information was verified and further shared withsenior officers. A team of officers of the SIU/Crime Branch led by Insp SantoshChauhan consisting of SI Vinay Kumar, ASI Sudhir Kumar, ASI Shripal Singh , ASIJitender , HC Rajneesh Kumar , HC Rakesh , HC Rahissuddin . Ct. Pardeep , Ct Ajay& Ct. Deepak Kr under supervision ofSh. Sandeep Lamba ACP/SIU, and overall supervision of Sh. Rajesh Deo, DCP/Crimewas constituted. As per information, a trap was laid at Shamshan Ghat, Sec 18,Golf Link Chowk, Dwarka, Delhi and accused Siddharth @ Siddhu was successfullyapprehended by the team with fake currency worth Rs. 2,03,100/- in denominationof Rs. 2000/-, 500/- & 100/-.

Accordingly a case vide FIR No- 305/18 dated 04.12.2018 U/s 489-B & 489-C IPC wasregistered at Police Station- Crime Branch and the accused namely Siddharth @Siddhu R/o. E Block, Goyla Dairy, Delhi, Age 23 Yrs was arrested and therecovered fine quality counterfeit currency note of Rs 2,03,100/- indenomination of Rs 2000/-, 500/- & 100/- seized accordingly.

He further said, police recovered Fake Indian Currency Notes worth Rs.2,03,100/-,  One High definition Scanner and printer., Instruments for cutting and scaling thenotes., Paper Sheets used for printing the fakeNotes. Ready performa for scanning the fake notes.

Police said, accused Siddharth@ Siddhudisclosed that he is working as an bouncer in a club situated at Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. Earlier his family was running a Dairy business, and around 2 years ago, the business suffered heavy losses andthey closed the Dairy business. For some time, he was a jobless person,meanwhile he came in contact with one person namely Pardeep, who lured him inthe business of Fake currency notes. He worked with Pardeep for a period of aboutsix months, Pardeep paid him lesser amounts, hence he started working own hisown. He used to print currency notes of all denominations worth value Rs. 15,000/-to 20,000/- and thereafter he target the weekly markets, rehri-Patri vendorsand purchase some items in lieu of the fake currency notes. By this, he getsoriginal currency notes as refund and also the items he purchases. He was caught red handed while he came tosupply the consignment of counterfeit Indian Currency Notes to his clients. Thedevices used for scanning and printing the currency notes were recovered.Further instruments and raw material were recovered at the instance of accusedperson.

The recovered counterfeit Indian Currency Notes in denomination of Rs/- 100/-, 500/-& 2000/- are of fine quality . Further efforts are being made to identifythe associates of accused who helped him to circulate the counterfeit currencynotes and the source of the counterfeit currency notes. Further investigationof the case is in progress.

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