December 07, 2018 06:30 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The Food Court, Martial Arts display, weaponry exhibition of Operation Vijay, Military Art and Photography exhibition, along with Clarion Call Theatre today added zing to the ongoing Military Literature Festival.

  Hundreds of people thronged the Food Court, Martial Arts display, weaponry exhibition of Operation Vijay and Clarion call theatre during the sidelines of the festival.

The mouth watering Punjabi, Rajasthani, South Indian, Continental cuisine along with Dominos Pizza and KFC’s food was in high demand during the event. Huge rush was witnessed at the stall where Punjabi traditional food was being served with butter and Lassi.

Likewise, the Milk products of Verka were also in huge demand along with Ice cream of Baskin Robins. The students of Chitkara University and Food Craft Institute Hoshiarpur also made their presence felt with their tasty food.

The martial arts performed by the various regiments of the Indian Army viz. 22 Punjab, Gatka Group from Meerut Cantt, 18 Sikh, First Para Special Force regaled the audiences.

People were mesmerized by the performances of Gatka, Philippine Martial Dance, Khukhri Dance and other martial arts performed by them. The traditional Bhangra of Punjab made everyone tap their feet during the event.

Clarion Call Theatre aptly recalled the capture of Tiger Hill and Raja Picket by the Indian Army during the Kargil war. It also showcased the heroic deeds of the Indian Air Force during the same war. 

The people were also attracted towards the weaponry exhibition in the festival, which highlighted the valiant deeds of 8 Sikh regiment during the conquest of Tiger Hill in Kargil War. The visitors evinced keen interest in the weapons, especially mortars, MMG, laser range radar, dragnov sniper rifle and others used by the Indian Army to defeat the enemy during the war. The Pakistani flag, jacket of Pakistani Captain Karnal Sher Khan and ammunition of Pakistan army that was captured during Tiger Hill battle were other sources of major attraction.Similarly, Military Art and Photography exhibition at the festival also attracted people during the event. People evinced a lot of interest in the rare pictures that were displayed during the exhibition.

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