December 10, 2018 05:41 PM

Chandigarh /Mansa (Face2News)

The third day of Punjab Insaaf march led by the AAP faction of Sukhpal Khaira ,Dr Dharamvira Gandhis Punjab Manch and Lok Insaaf party of Bains brothers passed through the Mansa constituency .

Addressing impressive gatherings at villages Ubha,Burj Hari ,Tamkot ,Joga and Ralla ,former leader of opposition in Punjab assembly Sukhpal Khaira lambasted the ruling Congress and opposition Akali Dal in his speeches .He pointed out that in the last 35 years while Punjab has gone down from a revenue surplus state to one reeling under a 2.5 lakh crore debt ,conventional politicians of Punjab have amassed huge personal fortunes in the process .

  In his hard hitting speaches Sukhpal Singh Khaira lambasted the various governments of Punjab for ruining the Youth,Peasentry and Villages of Punjab .He squarely blamed corrupt Congress and Akali politicians for corruption, suicides, drugs ,mounting public debt and ruin of education and health services in the state .Calling Badal clans apologies at Harimandir Sahib a drama ,he dared them to visit village Saths and seek apologies from the people who have been ruined by their misrule of 10 years .

Lok Insaaf Party leader Simarjit Singh Bains pointed out that Punjab can come out of its present turmoil if it elects honest politicians. He also criticised the corruption of bureaucracy.

Jaito MLA ,Master Baldev Singh criticised the Bargari morcha leaders for betraying the trust of the people ..He also hinted at some big announcements on 16th December at Patiala.

Raikot MLA Jagga Hissowal lauded Sukhpal Singh Khaira’s role as the leader of Opposition.

Local MLA Najar Singh Manshahia appealed to people to support the Insaaf march which is a movement for real change in Punjab politics .

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