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December 10, 2018 08:13 PM

Chandigarh  (Face2News)

 Dr.Harvansh Singh Judge Institute ofDental Sciences &Hospital, Panjab University, Chandigarh is organizing White Coat Ceremonyand InductionProgramme to welcome B.D.S. first year students and help them to establishapsychological contract for the practice of dentistry on December 12, 2018at Law Auditorium, Panjab University, Chandigarh infront of family, friends and faculty. The event is designed around newstudents for providing information about program and student services. Thiswill alsohelp students to know faculty members, administrative staff and willenhance collegeexperience.

The White Coat Ceremony is a “rite of passage” for dental college studentsthatencourage professionalism and empathy. The event emphasizes the importanceof thefoundational mission of the institution: education, research, patient careand service.The white coat is a symbolic, non-verbal communication used to express andreaffirm afundamental belief in a system that society observes.

The incoming students will be welcomed by the Principal-cum-Professor Dr.JagatBhushanand will be addressed by Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, PanjabUniversity; andMr. Karan Avtar Singh, Chief Secretary, Punjab Government.The students will then be presented, “cloaked,” with their first whitecoatssymbolizing the mantle of their chosen profession. Students will swear aprofessionaloath before the assembled group, publicly acknowledging their newresponsibilities andtheir willingness to assume the obligations of their new profession.

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