December 16, 2018 04:52 PM

Mumbai (Face2News)

Continuing to remain extremely popular amongst audiences, Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama has treated its viewers with a new character on the show. Birbal, played by the very talented Bhavesh Balchandani, is a wise, intelligent boy who has been brought to the Darbaar by Tathaharya to challenge Rama for the position of ‘Ashtadiggaj’. Through the week, viewers will witness both characters competing for the coveted title through various tasks.

 Talking about his character, Bhavesh claimed that his mother was even more excited than he was on bagging the role of Birbal. The role, he shared, is very different from the ones he has previously played. Adding to his experience on set, Bhavesh said, “I was very excited to be working with Krishna Sir and others for the show. Interestingly, on my first day itself, a funny incident took place while shooting for the Darbaar scene. I was given a dialogue of about half a page, which I delivered quite easily but got stuck while pronouncing the name ‘Timmarusu’ and everyone burst out laughing. It took me around 8-9 takes to pronounce it perfectly.

Bhavesh expresses his excitement while shooting scenes with Tathacharya and Dhani-Mani, as they had a rapport where they would fight to the extent that it seems to be serious, but end up laughing out loud after a while. “I was very scared initially as to what happened. However, everyone else being well aware of this stunt, started laughing and told me that this was just one of their routines”, shared Bhavesh, laughing, as he recollects the memory.

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