December 16, 2018 08:09 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

BJP Minority Morcha organised a meeting at party office on Sunday  State President of the Party Sanjay Tandon were also attended the meeting. BJP Vice Presidents Rambir Bhatti and Bhimsen Agarwal, General Secretaries Prem Kaushik and Chander Shekhar, Office Secretary Gajendra Sharma and Haji Khursheed and President of Morcha Amjad were also attended this meeting.

While talking with the party activists State President Sanjay Tandon said that Creating artificial waves with the promotion of irrational and uninformed protests against Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and his government at the centre via viral marketing have become the sole job of opposition and its allies in the country. People are going to any lengths to twist and manipulate the facts in order to show the active government and its policies in a bad light to the tune that they even question the apex court decisions in some matters which to some extent questions the entire credibility of our constitution which has been a pillar of strength for the country.

If we pay careful attention to the sources of these so-called informational leaks, they generally come from various social media forwards, whose origin generally cannot be tracked and no legal actions can be taken against those circulations which keeps these people in a convenient position to retract those comments at any given time. This also has been a trend with the opposition and allies lately, they say something to create a stir and later retract the statement saying even they heard it from some miscellaneous media source which in the background is generally created by them.

Perhaps this is the first time in the history of the country that people of the world are giving humongous love and respect to our country, Prime Minister and his policies. Prime Minister Modi is considered to be one of the most powerful and influential personalities in the world today. While opposition only talks about the travel bills for the Prime Minister's diplomatic travels, our country's ties with other countries has strengthened and we have more supporters in the world than ever before.

The United States of America calls India its very close friend and has started taking serious actions against Pakistan to the tune of cutting their funding and openly calling Pakistan, a nation who has been shielding and promoting terrorist activities. The reputation of India as a poor nation has faded away and given way to the new India which is considered to be a powerhouse and land of opportunities.

Now the question arises, why are some entities trying to spread these rumors. If we dig deeper into these so-called facts and think rationally, one would understand that Modi government's tremendous work in implementing all government schemes and policies in a transparent manner for public interest and cutting down the scope for corruption and loopholes has been a major factor for the worry of the opposing parties. But it is a matter of great pride for the citizen of the country that the country has got an honest prime minister who works without thinking of the vote bank. The Prime Minister has seldom been seen even reacting to the mud which is thrown at him; he and his team prefer working rather than get in the game of verbal politics which has been prevalent in the inefficient governance in the history of our nation.

Now let's look at some of the information which is readily available and try analyzing it with an open mind.
Demonetisation and zero balance account opening which is so much opposed as a policy by the opposition and is being called a failure is being appreciated all over the world as it unearthed lakhs of crores of money which was out of circulation and was rotting unaccounted in the stashes of the corrupt people.

Linking Adhar card with various accounts erased approx one million poor people in one state of Maharashtra itself. More than 30 million fake LPG connection holders have been canceled, approximately 195000 fake scholarships from Madarsas disappeared, More than 15 lakh fake ration card holders disappeared, more than 3 lakh fake companies have shut down, 40000 NGO licenses got terminated for malpractices. While these number just give us a hint of the results, the current and updated numbers might just be astonishing.

The entire black market is hit so hard that the property prices are coming down due to the level of transparency that has been introduced by the Prime Minister. The builders, middlemen agents, corrupt businessmen small or big, politicians, mafia and even terrorists are finding it extremely difficult to embezzle the money for their illegal operations. Approx 1 crore more people have come under the scanner of Income Tax authorities, the GST collections just because of being automated and transparent are going off the roof.

Government officials themselves quote that they haven't worked this much in life than in the four years of Modi government. The corrupt businessmen and politicians are being put behind bars and are so scared that they have started running form the country. Mr. Modi is still not leaving them and doing everything he can to get them back to justice like seizing and selling off assets, fighting cases and using diplomacy to extradite these people. All the corrupt parties have united to shake this government but are failing to do so because of the honest work of Mr. Modi and his government is much stronger than the entirety of their alliances. If this is not Good Governance, we might have to look for the real meaning of good governance all together. 

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