December 30, 2018 06:10 PM

Chandigarh  (Face2News) 

A training session on First Aid and Handling Emergency was organised at the NSS camp,  Panjab University. Dr. Rakesh Khullar, posted as additional Chief Surgeon at the B.G. Health Centre, Panjab University, Chandigarh gave a talk highlighting the importance of giving first aid to injured or infected patients, especially in the first golden hour. This was followed by practical demonstration of various life saving procedures and manoeuvres, which if correctly used in emergency  situations, can be helpful in prevention of permanent loss of life or health.  The NSS volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the interactive and humorous session, and promised to disseminate this important information amongst their friends and families.

The also demonstrated CPR etc.  Later on Mr Sandeep from Open Eyes FOUNDATION ( NGO) took an interactive session with NSS Volunteers about the Project of donating old books to their organisation. He said that, they collect old and new books and share it with the needy and the deserving students studying in different schools and colleges of Chandigarh and nearby areas.  

At present, they have a stock of more than 4200 books. He shared his helpline number with the volunteers, so that if anyone is willing to volunteer with them, then the offer is always open.  

Next speaker of the day were Mr Devinder and Ms Aprajita Monga from HUMANE Society International/ India, who shared the working of their organisation with NSS Volunteers. The shared few cases regarding the cruelty towards animals  taken by them. They also shared the difficulties faced by them, while doing animal welfare.

Later on Dr Jessu Jaskawarn Singh screened a movie related to organic food and agriculture related issues.

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