December 30, 2018 06:49 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Local Police have declared  few places as Vehicle Free Zones on the eve of New Year 2019 on Sunday. Pollice spokesman said, in the interest of safety and security of the general public as well as peaceful celebration of New Year-2019, the following road stretches shall be “Vehicle Free Zone” on 31st December, 2018 from 10.00 PM till 2.00 AM:-

*Inner Mkt road of Sector 7 , Inner Mkt road of Sector 8 , Inner Mkt road of Sector 9 , Inner Mkt road of Sector 10, 
Inner Mkt road of Sector 11, Inner roads of Sector 17. Inner Mkt road of Sector 22 , Road infront of Leisure Valley, Sector 10, From Aroma Light Point to Small Chowk near Dispensary, Around Elante Mall, Industrial Area Phase 1.

General public is requested to make own parking arrangements for their vehicles in the vicinity of above said road stretches. Residents whose houses are accessed using the above said road stretches, are requested to carry a valid identity card and residence proof in order for their facilitation.

Those drinking liquor at public places, creating noise pollution through exhaust of vehicles and indulging in hooliganism shall be dealt with strictly.

Further, Chandigarh Police will conduct a special drive against drunken driving in the city on the eve of New Year-2019. Strict legal action shall be taken against those driving under the influence of alcohol. Vehicles of such drivers will be impounded as per procedure and their driving licenses will be recommended for suspension.

Chandigarh Police personnel will be regulating traffic and assisting the general public. Inconvenience caused to the general public on account of these restrictions is regretted. We appeal to all to please cooperate with the police in larger public interest. We care for you!

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