January 03, 2019 07:17 PM

Mohali (JS Kaler)

In addition to the academia and research, NIPER has initiated to train pharmaceutical students to train for Pharmaceutical industry. In this regard NIPER’s Technology Development Centre Dosage form (TDC- Formulation) has started functioning with Pharmaceutical Industrial training to the external pharmacy students from all over INDIA. In first batch external pharmacy students of Chitkara University, ISF College of pharmacy & TECHNO INDIA UNIVERSITY KOLKATA will get pharmaceutical industrial training at the NIPER’s TDC.

 During ongoing process, this week Pharmacy students of Chitkara University are here at NIPER campus for their training at the TDC centre. As a part of this training programme, external speaker Mrs. Balwinder Kaur- QA Head(Ex), Sentiss pharma, & Ranbaxi. Delivered lecture on Introduction to Pharma Industry & Role and responsibility of various departments in pharma industries & QMS(Quality management system in Pharma Industry.
NIPER is extending the industrial training programme to all over India.

The basic aim of this training is to impart the skill to the pharmacy professional according to the Pharmaceutical industry requirements. These hands on training will help to the students in job opportunities in R&D, QA, RA & Production areas of pharmaceutical companies.\

Mr Vijay K. Sharma, PR Cell, Mohali, said , now a day’s specifically in India, there is gap between academic curriculum and Industrial requirements due to which there is a limited employability to the fresher graduates. NIPER came up with conducting the Pharmaceutical Industrial Training to fill this gap between academia and Industries. 

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