January 06, 2019 06:41 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

The Congress Government in Punjab are spoiling the future of our youth as youth need good employment and education not smartphones. Keeping in the view of ensuing Lok Sabha polls the Congress government in Punjab was making fool to the youth. 

  In a statement issued here on Sunday, SAD (Taksali) President and Lok Sabha MP Ranjit Singh Brahmpura advised to Punjab Congress government that "Don't destroy the future of our youth because they are our future". They needs better education and employment instead of smartphones. It's pertinent to mention over here that the problem of drug abuse in youth of Punjab is a matter of serious concern as every third person is addicted to drugs and our children are dying, nothing is being done. Governments need to work hard to bring them back on a good path but Congress government is failed on this issue also. At this time the youth need only good jobs not smartphones for which they can fulfill their all needs by themselves. 

The Congress government in Punjab has lowered the level of education and our youth is moving abroad due to the huge unemployment, in search of good education and jobs to establish their future which has shown the working style of Congress government in Punjab is totally failed and in the view of ensuing Lok Sabha elections the Congress party was committing false promises with our youth as Congress led-government fulfill its poll promises in Punjab but the youth of Punjab are cautious about their false propaganda for this time,"he added. 

The youth would be join SAD (Taksali) party in large strength in few days so that they will make Punjab better and progressive."SAD (Taksali) president added in a statement.  

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