January 12, 2019 09:43 PM

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The Special operation Squad-I, Crime Branch, Sector 14 Rohini has busted a gang of cheats who had were duping banks. They obtained loans from twobranches of the HDFC bank on fake documents and vanished after taking theloans. Two cases were registered at Police Stations Sabzi Mandi and BarakhambaRoad in this regard. The amount cheated by the gang was about Rs. 82 lakhs. 

Three persons namely (1) Sarvan Kumar r/o Prahalad Vihar aged 27 years, (2) Manish Tiwari r/o Mohan gardenage 30 yrs and Mohit Kumar r/o Baljeet Nagar aged 38 yrs have beenapprehended by the Crime Branch. Hundreds of forged KYC documents and detailsof numerous bank accounts have been recovered from them.

Mr. Rajiv Ranjan , IPS, Addl Commissioner of Police, Crime (HQ), Delhi, said, officials of HDFC bank noticed that 14 bank accounts had been opened under different names but all the accounts had the same applicant’s photograph. The cheats had managed to generate a fake trail of transactions within these bankaccounts and then had applied for credit cards. They had also applied for personalloans and after obtaining the loans the applicant had vanished. The KYC detailswere found to be fake. The contact numbers were all shut down. 

In the Sabzi Mandi case, Rs. 62 lakhs had been taken. A case, vide FIRno. 224/18 dt 4.8.18 u/s 420/468/471 IPC PS Sabzi Mandi was registered for thesame. The same gang managed to open 7 bank accounts in HDFC Bank at BarakhambaRoad and took away Rs. 20 lakhs. A case, vide FIR No. 143/18 dt 4/12/18 wasregistered u/s 420 IPC at PS Barakhamba Road. 

Police said, keeping in view the gravity of the offence, the Crime Branch alsostarted working on it. The dedicated and systematic efforts of the team borethe fruit when on 11th Jan. 2019, ASI Bharamdev of SOS-I CrimeBranch, Sec-14 Rohini, Delhi received specific information about the gangoperating from Baljit Nagar, Delhi. Immediately a raiding party led by Inspr.Satish Kumar comprising of ASI Bharamdev, ASI Anand pal, HC Ravinder, HC Ajay, HC Ravi Khari and Ct Azad under close supervision of Sh. Arvind Kumar, ACP SOS-I, Crime Branchwas constituted to apprehend the criminals. 

A trap was laid near Patel Nagar Metro Station and two persons wereapprehended by the police team. They were identified as Sarvan Kumar and Manish Tiwari. At theirinstance their third gang member Mohit Kumar was also apprehended. Total22 PAN cards, 9 Aadhar cards, 21 Voter cards, 4 Driving Licenses and 38 Debit/Creditcards, 15 mobile phones, multiple photographs and registerscontaining more than 100 bank account details (opened on forged documents),1 swipe machine, 1 laptop, blank application forms and one motor cycle wererecovered. They were arrested under appropriate section of law. 

MODUS OPERANDI: During interrogations they disclosed that two persons namely Dr Mehboobr/o Batla House, Delhi and Abhishek @ Abhey r/o Hajipur, Bihar were the brainsbehind the racket. These two supplied the forged documents that were used bythe arrested gang members to open bank accounts. After opening several banksaccounts, the gang used to maintain balances by rotating cash from one accountto another and would often retain the accounts for almost a year to generatefaith of the bank and good history. After this, when they became eligible forvarious cards and loan offers from the banks. They used to apply for loans and cards through net banking. Most of these loans were preapproved, appliedthrough online route, as per the bank policies and RBI guidelines, as no KYCdocuments are demanded at the time of loan sanction. After obtaining the loanthey vanished. 

Details of the other bank accounts found mentioned in the register arebeing verified. The arrested accused persons have admitted to have cheated the Axisbank, HDFC Bank, Indus Ind Bank, SBI, RBL, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda and otherbanks. Once they succeeded in getting a credit card from a bank, other banksalso provided them their credit cards on the ‘Card for Card Scheme’. The total cheated amount cheated by the gang could be much more.

Police said, Sarvan Kumar r/o Prahalad Vihar aged 27years, is educated up to class 8th. He worked with a Nationalized Bankand used to collect the KYC documents from the customers. Then he met DrMehboob and Abhey@ Abhishek and joined their gang. The other accused Manish Tiwari r/o Mohan garden age 30yrs has studied upto 2nd year of his graduation. He shifted to Delhifrom UP about 20 years ago. He started his career with a BPO as an executive inNoida. He left the BPO to work with an Insurance Firm. Then he met Abhey @Abhishek and joined his gang.

Police said, third accused, Mohit Kumar r/o Baljeet Nagar aged 38yrs is a native of Haryana and has studied up to the 12th standard.He worked with a mobile service provider then left the job to start working asa DSA of a private bank. Then he met Dr Mehboob Ali and joined his gang.

 Further efforts are being made to arrest the remaininggang members and to determine the quantum of cheating done by the gang. TheBanks would be requested to assist in the investigation. The concerned police stations have been informed about their arrest. Further investigation in thecase is on.  

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