January 20, 2019 05:14 PM

Zirakpur (Punjab) (J.S.Kaler)

In a tragic incident in Chhabir Zoo on Sunday evening Lion killed unidentified tresspasser, who entered the Lion saphari by jumping a wall of the zo on Sunday evening. The persion is not yet identified. He was rushed to Dera bassi Civil Hospital,  where doctor declare him brought dead.

Zoo Director  Mr. M. Sudhakar told to media persons ,  we will get the administrative enquiry of the incident. He said, on Sunday evening a lion angered and attack the identified person, who entered the Saphari by jumping from a wall of the zoo.Lion Saphari, where four lions moves in open and the tourist were allowed only in a packed bus.  Mr. Sudhakar said, the attacker lion  may be one or more. All the tourists safely enjoys the Zoo, he claimed.  He said the Lion Saphari have been closed for two days on administrative grounds. 

It may be recalled that the same incident was occured in Delhi and also in Zirakpur Zoo, where two persons were died.

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