January 28, 2019 09:21 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

BJP State President Sh. Sanjay Tandon presided over the 5th meeting of Administrators Advisory Council’s Standing Committee on Traffic Management as its Chairman.

The meeting started with a presentation where it was shown that the deaths due to fatal accidents in the year 2018 have reduced a lot compared to year 2017. It also showed that most of the deaths caused by fatal accidents were of two wheelers, followed by pedestrians and that too between 6 PM to 6 AM.

It was recommended that more table-top speed breakers should be constructed as already there at G.M.C.H. Sector-32 roundabout. After that, the black spots present in the city such as Sectors 46, 47, 48 & 49 crossings and Ramdarbar light point, etc were also discussed and it was agreed to send a proposal for installation of traffic light, blinkers & speed breakers to reduce accidents at these spots.

Later, SSP Traffic ShashankAnand presented the data giving information that a total of 130658 people were educated regarding road safety, 118218 road safety pamphlets were distributed and 737 road safety workshops were organised till now.

Another issue discussed in the meeting was regarding Children Traffic Park in Sector-23 being given to traffic personnels for only few hours per day by the State Transport Authority, which was not sufficient for them to take Driving licenses tests of Chandigarh residents and the Council suggested that the issue be taken up in Administrators Advisory Council meeting to be held in coming days. It was also informed that 29 persons have been arrested for driving their vehicles in the cycle-track lane till now. The action taken report of the last meeting was also discussed in which it was decided to continue with the one way traffic from Panchkula towards Chandigarh during peak hours in the morning. A total of 568 challan have issued for Honking at all three major hospitals in the city till now and the same will also be started at Punjab & Haryana High Court premises from March. It was also suggested that strict action should be taken against person found using mobile phones while driving, as it causes mainly three types of distractions namely manual, visual and cognitive which results in accidents. It was further suggested aware public through social media, pamphlets, sign boards, etc about suspension of Driving Licenses for any such violations. 

At the end, the Council recommended that a list of Do's and Don'ts regarding traffic rules be sent alongwith the electricity bills to each resident of the city beautiful.

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