February 22, 2019 06:44 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

After 62 days of fighting the brunt of cold harsh winters and sleepless nights hoping for justice to prevail, Scheduled Castes victim families protesting through their demonstration and symbolic hunger strike at the Rally Ground in Chandigarh today broke their protest formally after reassurances from the newly appointed Director General of Police, Mr. Dinkar Gupta.

Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the National Scheduled Castes Alliance, a socio-political organization rallying forthe cause of the victims of atrocities against the Scheduled Castes in the State told the media persons about the ending of the symbolic hunger strike after Section 326 imposed on the victims was scraped off and DGP assured to investigate the case further on merit basis. Kainth claimed that the issues of the fake FIRs registered on the victims were also going to be investigated.

IPC Section 326 imposed on the victims scrapped off after DGP promises to consider the rest of provisions in the FIR on merit basis
National Scheduled Castes Alliance pledges to fight continuously to provide justice for the Scheduled Castes community in Punjab

Mr. Kainth further said, “In the presence of the delegation of the Alliance and families of the victims, the DGP made a call to SSP Patiala to pursue the case of the families with utmost priority and assured the victims that justice will be provided to them as soon as possible. We have faith in the promise made by the DGP and henceforth we decided to end our protest with immediate effect.”

“The symbolic hunger strike and protest started on 21st December last year after repeated attempts made by the victims to the authorities bore no results. Bearing the brunt of the cold harsh winters and without any support from the so called Major Political Parties which advocate themselves to be the protectors of the minorities in the State. Members of the National Scheduled Castes Alliance have pledged to fight for the cause of the Scheduled Castes community in the State and any atrocity committed on the community shall not go unpunished. We shall fight till the very end to provide relief to these victims.” Said Kainth.

Criticizing the ignorance of the Political Parties and especially the Leaders belonging to the Scheduled Castes community in these Parties, Kainth said, “These leaders and parties only show sympathies when they need votes from the community which comprises almost 35% of the population of the State. Worried about their position in the party, none of the so called Scheduled Castes Leaders came forward to aid the victims sitting on the Hunger Strike.”

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