March 01, 2019 07:13 PM

Chandigarh (J.S.Kaler)

India is one of the world's largest producers of rice and brown rice, accounting for 20% of all world rice production. Rice is India's pre-eminent crop, and it is the staple food crop for more than 60% of the people. India is the largest exporter of rice in the world market and it is very important to have convenient ways of testing rice quality.

 CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO), Chandigarh transferred the technology of ‘Rice Grain Analysis Software, Version 1.0’ to M/s Ambala Associates, Ambala on 1st March 2019. The technology was developed by Mr. Amitava Das and his team, namely Ms Mamata Sharma, Mr. Satbir Singh and Mr. Raman Deep at Computational Instrumentation division of CSIR-CSIO, Chandigarh.

Rice Grain Analysis Software is an image processing based software analysis software for dimensional analysis of rice grains. It is developed on Java platform, a high level programming language and computing platform. The image processing algorithms were developed in OpenCV, an open source library for image processing and computer vision. Dimensional analysis of rice grains is an important step in quality assessment of rice for marketing and trading, both in domestic as well as international markets. The accuracy of dimensional measurements of rice grains using the developed software is comparable to the manual operator based methods involving length measuring tools such as Vernier calipers. The developed software provides an fast, inexpensive, efficient, repeatable and robust method for dimensional analysis of rice grains compared to the manual method which is tedious, error-prone and expensive in nature.

On behalf of M/s Ambala Associates, Ambala, the Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreement was signed by Shri Sanjay Kapoor, its Managing Director and by Dr. Surinder Singh Saini, Principal Scientist & Head, Business Initiatives & Project Planning (BIPP), CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh in the presence of Prof. RK Sinha, Director, CSIR-CSIO.

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