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The team of PS Sarita Vihar, South-East District hassolved a murder mystery of a 25 year old girl, whose body was found in a sack. Thepolice team has arrested 04 persons namely (1) Dinesh, 25 years (2) SaurabhBhardwaj, 19 years (3) Chanderkesh @ Bunty, 30 years and (4) Rahimuudin @ Rahim, 25 years R/O Sangam Vihar involved in the murder of the young lady.

Brief Facts

*Dead body in gunny bag nearrailway line

Chnmoy biswal, IPS, DCP, said, on  27.02.2019 at about 3:40 PM, a PCRcall about a gunny bag found in suspicious condition near Sarita Vihar U-turn nearrailway line was received at PS- Sarita Vihar. Police team immediately rushedto the spot and found a body of young female aged about 25 years in tied in a plasticsack (katta) and gunny bag. The inspection of the body was done and apparentlysome injury marks were found over the neck of the deceased. One mobile phone anda hand written note were also recovered from the pocket of the deceased. Apparently,the scene of crime was indicating that the girl was murdered somewhere else anddumped here. Crime Team also inspected the spot and took photographs. Body ofthe deceased was preserved at AIIMS Hospital. Accordingly, a case of murder U/S 302/201 IPC was registered at PSSarita Vihar and investigation was taken up.

Team & Investigation 

In view of the nature of the crime and gravity of thematter, a team led by Insp Ajab Singh, SHO/Sarita Vihar, Insp Suman Kumar consistingof SI Benkatesh, SI Satish, ASI Layak Ali, HC Keshav, Ct Vikram and Ct.Satish was constituted under the supervision of Sh. Dhal Singh ACP/Sarita Vihar.

First Challenge :Identification of the Deceased

The first challenge before the investigating agency was toensure the identification of the deceased. Efforts were made to get thedeceased identified and the painstaking efforts of the team paid off. Thedeceased girl was identified as Maya (name changed) and was missing from the area of PS AmbedkarNagar..

Hand Written Note

Police team examined CCTV footages of the area and technical urveillance was mounted. Police team visited the house of the deceased and examinedher family members and relatives. The team collected hand writing samples from thehouse of the deceased to match the handwriting of the hand-note which wasrecovered from the pocket of the deceased. Prima Facie the hand writing of thedeceased and the note recovered from the deceased were found to be same.

Mystery of Hand-Note, Alleged 03 persons

The note recovered from the deceased alleged 03 persons for her death. All the alleged persons were apprehended and were interrogated. On the day deceased went missing, there were phone calls between deceased and thealleged persons. However, on thorough scrutiny of the phone records no callswere found between alleged and the deceased, prior to these calls, which weremade by the deceased on the day of her missing. Even after the sustainedinterrogation, the movement of the alleged persons, could not be contradictedwith the murder of the deceased. Further, all 03 alleged persons denied knowingthe deceased.

Arrest; The police team extended its sphere of investigation and started minutely examining every aspect of the case. The team examined many persons andseveral raids were conducted in the area of Sangam Vihar, Dakshinpuri, Devali,Tigri and Ambedkar Nagar. The day & night efforts of the police team paid off and on 03.02.19, one Dinesh r/o Sangam Vihar was apprehended. 

Interrogation: During interrogation, Dinesh denied having any involvement inthe case but once he was confronted with his movements, he broke down andconfessed his guilt. On the instance of Dinesh, his associates namely SaurabhBhardwaj, Chanderkesh @ Bunty andRahimuudin @ Rahim were also arrested from Sangam Vihar.

Friendship & Enmity atTihar Jail: During sustained interrogation, accused Dinesh disclosed that he used to commit snatching and theft to meet his needs and was previously arrested in nine  cases. When the accused Dinesh was at Tihar Jail, he got friendly with another accused namely Dhirender. When the accused persons were in jail, Dhirender got enmity with an other under-trial prisoner namely Bunty. After releasing from the jail, from past 02months both Dinesh and Dhirender were staying together at Sangam Vihar.

üAfter Releasing, HatchedConspiracy: After releasing, Dhirender alongwith Dinesh hatched conspiracy to teach Bunty a lesson and they also wanted to grab property of Bunty, which was allegedly acquired by him through illegal sources. Accused Dinesh roped his friend namely Saurabh Bhardwaj in their plan and purchased a new mobile phone and a SIM. On 25.02.19, Dinesh called a girl namely Maya (name changed), who was already known to Dinesh and on the pretext of proving a job, called her a this flat. When Maya reached the flat, she was overpowered by Dinesh, Dhirender and Saurabh. Accused persons confined the victim and assaulted her.

*To frame others, calls &hand-written note

Thereafter on the pretext of releasing her, accused persons forcefully compelled the victim to write a letter and falsely implanted name of one Aarush r/o Burari and 02 other boys of Sangam Vihar, to mislead the police.Interestingly, Aarush was brother of Bunty, with whom Dhirender developed enmityduring his stay at Tihar jail. In order to take his revenge as well as to grabproperty of Bunty, accused Dhirender made this plan.

Accused persons also made calls from the mobile of the victim to the numbers of all the 03 alleged persons, to falsely frame them the case. 

Hired Friends, Car to dumpbody

Afterwards, on the morning of 26.02.19, accused persons strangulated the victim and killed her. Her body waswrapped in plastic and gunny bag. Accused Dinesh also deleted his new numberfrom the mobile of the deceased and threw his new mobile phone in a drain. Thereafter,accused persons hired a Honda City self driven car for Rs. 7800. Further, theyalso hired 02 more persons namely Rahimuudin@Rahim and Chanderkesh @ Bunty both r/oSangam Vihar for dumping the body. On the night of 26.02.19, accused personsparked the car in basement of the flat and loaded the body. Before dumping thedead body, accused persons purchased and consumed alcohol from a wine shop at  Saket Select City Mall. In the late night, accused persons dumped the body ofthe deceased at an isolated spot near the railway line. On the instance of accused persons,mobile phone of Dinesh which was thrown by him in the drain has been recovered.Further, efforts are being made to arrest Dhirender, who is on the run andraids are being conducted.

Accused previous involved in committing crime in Guigaon and other various police  stations. Police recovered New Mobile Phone of Dinesh used to make call to deceased, Plastic tapes used to tie the deceased, Pen used in writing the hand note, Honda City being seized through RevvCars. 

Profile of the accused persons

Accused Dinesh R/o Sangam Vihar Delhi Age-25 Years, is a school drop-out and waspreviously arrested in 09 cases, Accused Saurabh Bhardwaj R/o Sangam Vihar, Age 19 Years hascompleted 12th class and was perusing graduation throughCorrespondence.Accused Chanderkesh @ Bunty R/o Sangam Vihar, Age-30Years is a school drop-out. He worked as a private driver.Accused Rahimuudin @ Rahim R/o Sangam Vihar, Age-25 yearsis a school drop-out and worked as carpenter. He is friend of accused Dinesh.

Further investigation of the case is in progress and efforts are being made to trace and arrest the absconding accused Dhirender. 


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