March 05, 2019 10:23 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

In a major breakthrough, a team of CyPAD, Cyber Crime Unit, Delhi has busted agang of fraudsters indulged in cheating people and arrested four members of thegang from Greater Noida area including the gang leader, all of them beingforeign nationals. The accused persons have been identified as  Raymond r/o Delta – II, Greater Noida,U.P. Age - 28 years. Melody r/o, Delta – II, Greater Noida,U.P. Age - 21 years. Kareem Ridwan r/o, Beta – II, GreaterNoida, U.P. Age-27 years. and  Osas Clifford r/o Beta – II, GreaterNoida, U.P. Age – 28 years 

Anyesh Roy, DCP, Crime unit, said,  acomplaint was received at CyberCrime Unit in which the complainant, a resident of Pune, had alleged that shehad come across the profile of one person namely “Tiwari Pandit” on amatrimonial website and they started talking to each other.

 Mastermind Melody, whomakes the fake profiles/accounts, arrested.➢ Accused had created manyfake accounts on the matrimonial websites.*The victims used to contact these people through matrimonial profiles. These people used to win victim’s trust and then take money from them for custom clearance of theparcel/gift. Fake Passports recovered. Accused persons also did not have valid visas.

After the person had won her confidence, he told her that he would be sending his personalluggage to her as he was residing abroad and then later, he would collect hisluggage from her. Sometime later, she got a call from a woman claiming to be fromthe Customs & Excise Department who asked her to deposit Rs. 24,000/- in abank account to get the requisite Custom clearance for the said luggage, whichthe complainant did.

Later, when they started asking for more money, she gotsuspicious and refused to give the money. She lodged a complaint afterrealizing that she was duped of her hard earned money. On this, investigation was taken up to catch the swindlers. FIR No. 32/19 dated 27/02/2019 U/S419/420/120B IPC & 66C/66D IT Act & 14 Foreigners Act, PS Special cellwas registered. Later sections of forgery were also added. 

On receiving the complaint, a dedicated team under the close supervision of ACPAditya Gautam led by Insp. Arun Verma, comprising of SI Nitin Mudgal, ASI Vedpal,HC Siddharth, HC Jitender, HC Ram Kumar and Ct Sunder was constituted toapprehend the active fraudsters.

After diligent technical and hard fieldwork, HC Siddharth received a secretinformation, that the accused persons would be present at a flat in Beta-II,Greater Noida near Pari Chowk to meet his accomplices. On this, the teamconducted a raid at the concerned place where two brothers namely Raymond andMelody were found involved in suspicious and unlawful activities by sendingdeceiving messages and e-mails through their mobile phones and laptops. Later,the other two accused persons were also found on their addresses as disclosedby Raymond and Melody. All the four accused persons were successfullyapprehended and 3 laptops and 11 mobile phones were recovered from theirpossession. It was also found that they were in possession of expired visas andtwo fake passports were also recovered from their possession. Accordingly, theaccused persons were arrested under appropriate sections of law and theirmobile phones, laptop and passports were also seized.


During the investigation, theaccused persons disclosed that they got the script to fool the people overinternet and social media. They used to make fake profiles on matrimonialwebsites by collecting information and photos from the Facebook/Instagramprofiles of different persons and then cheated people on the false pretext ofmarriage. They also had a modus operandi of cheating people by sendingattractive loan offers and taking money for service and agreement charges.

Accused persons Raymond and Melody, both brothers, came to India from Nigeria andwere earlier doing some garment procuring and export work. They could notpursue their work due to financial crisis. They learned computer and internetskills and started to cheat unsuspecting people via various web portals. Theaccused persons choose this trade as it is very profitable and victims areusually hesitant in reporting the matter to Police. After constant efforts,police team zeroed in to locate them and accordingly, they were arrested from Greater Noida. Their detailed interrogation isbeing done and all of them have been sent to judicial custody. Investigation of the case is in progress. More victims ofthe accused persons are being identified. Other members of the syndicate arebeing traced. 

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