March 07, 2019 07:25 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News)

Prime Miinister’s Jan Aushdhi Yojna was celebrated as Prime Minister’s Jan Aushdhi Divas across the country, today. BJP Chandigarh medical cell celebrated the day at Prime Minister’s Jan Aushdhi Centre located at PGI. BJP Chandigarh State President Sanjay Tandon started the celebrations.

On the occasion, several doctors from PGI, including Dr. Anil Bhansali, Dr. Sanjay Barara, Dr. Ashok were also present along with the staff of Jan Aushdhi centre. 

Giving information about the event, convener of BJP State Medical cell Prince Bandula said that on the occasion the gathered people listened to the Prime Minister’s address wherein he described the Jan Aushdhi scheme. He informed that the number of Aushdhi Centres have risen from 95 to 5053 across the country. He informed that these centres are a boon to the poor people who can purchase medicines from these centres at very low prices. 

Mr. Ravinder Pathania, Media Incharge, BJP , said , Mr. Sanjay Tandon, also addressed the gathering and said that it is everyone’s duty that they should make people aware of these centres so that general public at large can take benefit from these centres. He further added that these centres provide over 700 subsidized medicines for various diseases. He said, these centres have proven to be a blessing for the general public, especially the poor all across the country.


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