March 24, 2019 08:50 PM

Chandigarh (Face2News) 

Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab Dr. S. Karuna Raju today ordered to suspend Election Tehsildar Moga Balwinder Singh on charges of negligence in duty with immediate effect. 

Divulging further, Chief Election Officer, Punjab Dr. S. Karuna Raju apprised that he had received report from the Deputy Commissioner Moga that the election Tehsildar Moga Balwinder Singh is not seriously obeying the orders about election duty and he never sent reports to Election Commission. He was also absent from duty without any requisite prior permission.

The Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab, Dr. S. Karuna Raju has ordered the suspension of election Tehsildar Moga Balwinder Singh with immediate effect. 

Besides this, CEO also ordered to give the charge of Election Tehsildar Moga to  Election Tehsildar Barnala additionally.

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