April 01, 2019 11:36 PM

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A team of Special Cell led by Insp. Sunil Rajain,Insp. Ravinder Joshi and Insp Vinod Badola under the close supervision of Sh.Lalit Mohan Negi and Sh. Hridaya Bhushan, ACsP/NDR, has arrested Ahmad Jawid@Nabi S/o Lt. Said Hakim r/o, Meckeny, Panjshir, Afghanistan, Age 51 Years.Accused Ahmad Jawid has escaped from Police custody on 30-09-17, while he waslodged in Tihar Jail, during the trial of an NDPS case. After his escape fromPolice custody, Delhi police has declared a reward of 1,00,000/- on informationleading to his arrest. He was arrested from District Park, opposite HauzRani, Saket, Delhi at about 09.05 PM on 30/3/2019.  Further interrogation is underway 

This was discloed by Pramod Singh Kushwaha, DCP, Special Cell. Delhi on Monday . 

Accused had fled from Police Custody on 30.9.2017, Accused was carrying a reward of Rs One Lac on information leading tohis arrest,Previously arrested by Special Cell in an NDPS Case in the year 2014& a total of 4 Kg Heroin was recovered, Accused was living under the guise of a tourist and had changed inget-up using wig.


Ahmad Jawid @ Nabi was previously arrested bySpecial Cell, Delhi Police in case FIR No. 09/2014 dt 10/02/2014 U/s 21 NDPS& 419 IPC, PS Special Cell, Delhi and a total of 4 KG Heroin was recoveredfrom his possession. He was then lodged in Tihar Jail On 30.09.17, accusedAhmad Jawid alongwith other UTPs (Under Trial Prisoner's) was taken to AIIMS hospitalby a team of 3rd Bn. of Delhi Police. He was referred to Ortho Deptt. in AIIMSfor treatment of his backache. On the day of incident, some of the UTPs beingseverely injured, required assistance for transfer from prisoner's vehicle tostretcher. Finding the opportune moment, accused Ahmad Jawaid escaped frompolice custody when the concerned Police officers were busy in getting theother handicapped/injured UTPs onto stretcher. A case FIR No. 350/2017 Dt30/09/2017 U/s 224 IPC PS HauzKhas, Delhi was registered in this regard.


It was a unique operation undertaken by SpecialCell officers, wherein they executed an entire operation based on very genericinputs. Initially, some stray inputs were received through reliable sourcesthat some Afghani Nationals are indulging in Narcotics and have also procuredpassports on fake identities. Another generic input was received that oneAfghani national wearing cap and a wig is roaming around the areas of LajpatNagar, Hauz Rani and Saket and is trying to flee from India without passport.Staff was deployed at the given locations and in the process many AfghaniNationals were questioned and let off after verification.In this continuedoperation, the persistent efforts of Special Cell bore fruit when on 30.03.2019,informationwas received that the fugitive Afghani National will be visiting area around DistrictPark, Hauz Rani, Saket. A team was deployed around District Park, Hauz Rani,Saketand Ahmad Jawid @Nabi S/o Lt. Saeed Hakim r/o Meckeny, Panjshir,Afghanistan, Age 51 Years was nabbed based on the initial generic input that hewill be wearing a cap and wig.


  • Accused was born in 1968 at Mackeny,Distt. Panjshir, Afghanistan. He has studied upto 8th classfrom Eftdaye Safadcher Inqlab School, Panjshir, Afghanistan.
  • Accused initially came in contact with one Ghaffur in Afghanistan, wholured him into the racket of drug trafficking.He was tasked with smuggling ofheroin, Cocaine and other contrabands in India and was offered a handsomeamount of money.Ghaffur has a huge racket of contrabands and also deals in arms& ammunition. Ghaffur owns a factory in Jalalabad, Pakistan formanufacturingarms & ammunition.
  • Accused then smuggled a lot of narcotics in India before he was caughtby Special Cell in 2014.
  • After his escape, accused completely changed his getup and initially lived under the guise of a tourist and roamed around different parts of India.
  • Accused had also traveled to Bangladesh border for trying to escape toBangladesh through the porous borders but wasn't able to execute the plan andreturned to Delhi.
  • Accused was also trying to procure Afghani Passport on fake identitythrough his sources in Afghanistan.
  • Accused made his living by acting as an intermediary between Narcoticsseller from Afghanistan and Narcotics receivers from Nigeria oncommission basis.
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