April 02, 2019 11:42 PM

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With the arrest of two criminals, Aalam Ali R/o Shahzada Bagh,Inderlok Delhi, Age 22 Yrs and Mustkeem Khan R/o Zakhira, Ramesh Nagar, Delhi,Age 19 Yrs, Crime Branch (SOS-II) has busted a desperate gang of robbers. Both the accused persons have disclosed involvement in two sensational cases of cash robberies.

The first robbery occurred on 15.2.19 in broad daylight when fourpersons had robbed Rs. 8 lakhs at gun point near Zakhira.

The second robbery was even more sensational when on 22.3.19, again in broad daylight, four persons had robbed Rs. 1.4 crores at gun point near Pitampura, Rani Bagh. 

Sensational Cash Robbery of 1.40 Crore of PS Rani Bagh Worked Out. Two Desperate Robbers of Babloo Khan Gang arrested. Cash Rs. 40.40 Lacs recovered.  Another cash robbery of Rs. 8 lakhs of PS. Moti Nagar also worked out. 


Mr. Rajiv Ranjan, IPS, ACP, said,   team of dedicated officers of SOS-II, Crime Branch led by Inspr.Rajeev Ranjan comprising of SI Sushil, ASI Harvinder, No.318/Cr, HC Ravinder,No.1366/Cr, HC Himanshu No. 721/Cr, HC Pradeep Godara, No. 162/Cr., HC RajeevRaghav, No. 1253/Cr and Ct. Rajender Arya, No. 716/Cr under close supervisionof ACP/SOS-II was formed to work on the Rs. 1.4 crore cash robbery of PS. RaniBagh. The team visited the spot and began gathering manual as well as technicalinformation regarding the assailants. The team collected the CCTV footage ofthe criminals near the scene of crime.

The team also collected CCTV footagefrom the route taken by the complainant to reach the spot. While working on thecase, HC Ravinder developed specific information that the culprits behind therobbery were led by Bablu Khan of Zakhira. On 1.4.19, specific information about two members of the gang, i.e.Alam Ali and Mustkeem was received. A trap was laid near Inderlok MetroParking, Delhi where both the accused persons were apprehended. 


Initially, both Alam and Mustkeem denied theirinvolvement in the case. However, on sustained interrogation, they disclosed theirinvolvement in the Rs. 1.4 crore robbery of PS. Rani Bagh. They also disclosed their involvement in another Rs. 8 lakhs robbery case of PS. Moti Nagar. 


Moti Nagarrobbery (Rs. 8 lakhs) - On 15.2.19 at about 04:30 pm, while Sh. Muno Singhalr/o Burari was traveling on his scooty, four persons on two scootys stopped himand robbed Rs. 8 lakhs from him at gun point. 

Rani Baghrobbery (Rs. 1.4 crores) - On 22.3.17 at about 07:00 pm, while Sh. Varun Gargr/o Saraswati Vihar, Delhi was returning with his father in his Maruti Swiftcar from Naya Bazaar, Delhi, four persons on two motorcycles stopped their carnear Pitampura and robbed Rs. 1.4 crores from him at gun point. 

In the investigation conducted so far, it has been found that in both the aboverobbery cases, two scootys were used. The gang comprises of four members i.e.Alam Ali, Mustkeem, Baba and Babloo. Information about the movement of cash wasdeveloped by Babloo. Both Babloo and Baba used to carry firearms too. The modusoperandi was simple. The gang would follow the cash on their scootys and strikeat an opportune moment. One scooty would block the target vehicle, while theother scooty covered the rear side. The gang would threaten the victims at gunpoint and rob them of their cash. 

Police said, accused Alam Ali r/o Shahzada Bagh, InderlokDelhi, Age 22 Yrs, was born Vill-Rampur, PS Behra Distt. Darbhanga in Bihar where his father is a Maulavi in thevillage Masjid. He studied up to class 9th in Madarsa. Later he cameto Delhi and started working in a water cooler making factory in Inderlok. Hestarted committing crime in order to earn quick money. He was previouslyarrested in a robbery case in year-2018. After coming on bail, he again took tothe world of crime in order to earn more money. He is involved in three cases in Delhi.

Accused Mohd. Mustkeem r/o Zakhira, Ramesh Nagar, Age 20 Yrs was born in Delhi and studied up to 11th standard.His father owns a Kiryana Store in Rakhee market Jhuggies. The accused started his business of housebuilding material supply in Zakhira. The business was not profitable. He fellinto bad company and lure of money pushed him into the world of crime. He camein contact with Alam Ali and started committing crime.

Efforts are being made to recover the remainingamount of robbed money and to arrest the remaining accused persons, Baba andBabloo both residents of Trans-Yamuna area, Delhi. Concerned police stations ofMoti Nagar and Rani Bagh have been informed regarding the arrest of Alam Aliand Mustkeem. Further investigation in the cases is on.

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