April 05, 2019 07:54 PM

Chandigarh (J.S.Kaler)

Sukhpal Singh Khaira MLA and president of Punjab Ekta Party(PEP) today raked up the issue of dance performance on background lyrics of ‘Mool Mantar’, ‘Ik Onkar Satnaam’ in the presence of Ram Nath Kovind President of India during his Chile visit and demanded at least a word of  regret from the President  over such an act of ‘ blasphemy’ in his presence.

 SGPC, SAD played down the matter under RSS and BJP influence 

Khaira said that Sikhs all over the world were hurt by the disrespect to Sikh maryada by organizers of reception  function held in honour of the President. He said that but most unfortunate part of the episode is that President had uploaded the clip on his official twitter handle.  He added that it was not possible that Kovind who is learned man lived a long public life was not aware of importance of ‘Mool Mantar’ in the Sikh religion. He said that Mool Mantar’, a composition from Guru Granth Sahib holds immense significance and part of Japji Sahib and Sikh maryada. 

  He said that President should know the ethos and values of all religions in the country which he represents. He said that he was handpicked by BJP for the job and it is unfortunate he failed to show his statesmanship at the trying times. It would have been appropriate for him to convey his disapproval to the organisers of show. He said that 1.2 minute long video clip was removed from twitter handle of President only after outcry by Sikh masses. He said that removing clip was not enough and President has moral responsibility to lay the controversy to rest by issuing an acknowledgement of his regret.

Khaira said that Shiromani Gurdawara Parbhandak Committee (SGPC) and so called Panthic party Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD) had played down the blunder under influence of RSS and BJP. He said that Sikhs were hurt with the role of SGPC and SAD as they have time and again proved their alignment with RSS. He said that SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal has not taken lesson from ignominy he faced over sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib during his party’s government. 

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