April 05, 2019 11:05 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

The joint teams of Police Station Jama Masjid and Special staff, Central District, Delhi have successfully recovered a three & half year old child who had been kidnapped on 31.03.19 from Meena Bazaar, Jama Masjid, Delhi. 

Mr. Mandeep Randha, IPS, DCP, said, one Ikram Malik r/o OmNagar, Dhobi Ghat, Sangam Park, Rana Pratap Bagh, Delhi reported missing of his son from Jama Masjid Metro station since the evening of 31.03.19, while the child had accompanied his mother and other relatives who had come to visit Jama Majid and Meena Bazar Sunday Marketon that day. Subsequently, a case vide FIR No. 27/19 u/s 363 IPC wasimmediately registered at P.S. Jama Masjid, and investigation was taken up. 

Keeping in view the sensitivity of theincident, a team comprising SHO Jama Masjid Inspr. Karan Singh, ATO Inspr.Mahesh Kasana, Inspr. Inves. Arun Kumar, SI Sanjay Kumar, ASI Neeraj Tyagi, ASIAmarpal, ASI Deshraj, Ct. Gaurav, Ct. Prem Singh and Ct. Prahlad wasconstituted under the supervision of Shri. Veer Singh, ACP/Daryaganj and wereassigned different tasks for quick and safe recovery of the kidnapped child. Ateam of Special Staff/Central Distt. led by Inspr. Lalit Kumar comprising of SIRaj Kumar, ASI Pradeep, ASI Sushil Rana, HC Sunil, HC Ajay, HC Shekhar, HCSantosh, Ct. Parveen and Ct. Atul was also involved under the supervision ofShri Naresh Kumar, ACP/Operations. The information and inputs were shared anddeveloped. 

INVESTIGATION: During the investigation, the information about the missing child was immediately uploaded on ZIPNET. The Hue and cry notice was circulated to allpolice stations in Delhi and NCR region. Wide publicity was made throughloudspeakers, posters, Whatsapp, Facebook etc. The CCTV footage of all the available CCTV cameras in the vicinity of entry/exit points of Meena Bazar,Jama Masjid were analyzed minutely to get the clue about the accused. A woman in a Burka with masked face was spotted along with the kidnapped child on Urdu Bazaar Road while exiting from Meena Bazaar at about 6.32 PM. Further analysis revealed that she went up to Bazaar Matia Mahal on foot along with the child and was seen boarding a rickshaw at Bazaar Matia Mahal and was seen going towards Chitli Qabar, Chandni Mahal. 

After getting this information,hundreds of Rickshaw pullers were interrogated and the rickshaw puller who was seen in the footage was identified. His interrogation revealed that the said woman had asked him to drop her at Turkman Gate Chowk so that she could board a TSR for Seelampur.

He had taken her to Turkman Gate via Pahari Bhojla, HajManjil. He also told that the said woman along with the child had boarded a TSRfor Seelampur in his presence. Further, a massive drive was undertaken toidentify the said TSR driver. The CCTV footage of some cameras in the vicinityof Turkman Gate were analyzed, but due to darkness, no clue was obtained. Itwas also revealed that there were more than 300 TSRs who take rounds from Seelampur for Turkman Gate and other areas of Old Delhi. After sustained efforts, the TSRdriver was finally identified who informed that he had dropped that woman at BulandMasjid, Seelampur, Delhi. 

Wide publicity was made in thenearby areas of Seelampur. The continuous sustained efforts of the police borefruit. Apprehending identification and action of the police teams, the unknown accused left the kidnapped child at Jama Masjid on 04.04.19. The child was recovered safely and handed over to his parents.Further efforts are continuedto identify the accused persons.


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