April 08, 2019 11:06 PM

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Delhi police special staff/North West District. arrested two accused who have committed first crime  of sensational case of extortion of Rs. 2.5 Crores  and   worked out within 48 hours.  

On April 5,  an incident of attempt to extortion was reported vide case FIR No. 129/19, dated 05.04.19 U/s 387 IPC PS Model Town.Complainant Harish Mittal reported that he received a threatening/extortioncall on his mobile number from an unknown number, who demanded Rs. 50 lacs from him. He got frightened and immediately contacted his close friend Ajay Chauhan,who contacted telephonically to that caller for negotiation. He asked about his identity and why he was demanding money from Mr. Harish Mittal. The caller statedt hat Mr. Harish Mittal will have to pay Rs.2.5 Crore right now. Ajay Chauhan tried to convince the caller that Mr. Harish Mittal is not in a position to pay such a huge amount but the caller insisted that if the money is not paid then he (Harish Mittal) will lose hisl ife. The investigation of the case was handed over to Special Saff. 

Keepingin view the sensitivity of the matter, a dedicated team comprising of SI Sapan, HC Manjit Singh, Ct. Sombir, Ct.Pardeep Kumar, Ct. Gulshan Kumar, Ct. Vicky, Ct Amit, Ct Rahul of SpecialStaff/North West district headed by Inspr. Balihar Singh, Special Staff/NWD wasconstituted under the close supervision of Sh. K.G. Tyagi, ACP/Operations,North-West Distt. Delhi to nab the accused person. Security in plain clothes wasprovided to the complainant at his residence as well as at work place round theclock and he was directed to continue negotiation with the caller.

The team worked continuously round the clock after the registration of case and collected details of all the employees/Ex-employees working in printing press at Lawrence Road and also at the residence of the complainant including drivers, domestic servants etc. The mobile numbers of all the workers/employees were collected to find out any link between them and the unknown caller.

The location of the unknown caller was found in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and a team was sent for doing recce and to keep watch there. The police team made extensive investigation with the help of human intelligence and electronic surveillance to find out if anyone known to the complainant is involved or not.

In this process the mobile phone data of several employees at work place (more than 200) as well as at his residence and other known of the complainant were analyzed. After ensuring thatthere is no insider in touch with the suspects, a police team conducted raidsat Jamshedpur, Jharkhand in the early hours of Monday and succeeded in arresting both the accused persons namely Aman Kumar Jha and Aman Tiwari involved in the extortion racket. The mobile phone and SIM card used for makingthreatening call have also been recovered. 

During sustained interrogation ,the accused Aman Kumar Jha disclosed that he has studied up to 12th class andafter study he worked at various places in Delhi and Jharkhand.

In the past, he has also worked in the printing press of the complainant for about one month from July 2018 to August 2018.

During this short period of time he observed that money can be easily extorted from the complainant if he put him in some fear. He collected all the relevant information about the owner/complainant,which he used at the time of calling to the complainant for extortion. He has no job and his wife has also started living in her parental home at Jamshedpur. 

He was very upset as he was in direneed of money and as such he along with his brother in law 2ndaccused namely Aman Tiwary executed his earlier plan to extort money from the complainant. Accused Aman Kumar Jha was confident that the complainant will not report the matter to the police and he will give the extortion money in fear. As per plan a new SIM card was arranged by Aman Tiwari on 04.04.19 for exclusively used for demanding money from the complainant. On 05.04.19 Aman Kumar Jha made threatening calls to the complainant and initially demanded Rs.50/- lacs but later on increased his demand for Rs. 2.5 crores. Further, investigation of the case isin progress. 

Both the accused persons have no previous involvements.


*AmanKumar Jha has studied up to 12th class from Jharkhand and has alsodone diploma in graphic designing. He is married and his family has shifted toDelhi about 10 years ago. The other accused Aman Tiwari is his brother in law.He has worked in various private factories as a graphic designer in Delhi andJharkhand. He has also worked for about one month in the printing press of thecomplainant at Lawrence road, Delhi.

*AmanTiwari is doing BBA from Jharkhand. He is unmarried and his fatheris working in a General store. His sister met accused Aman Kumar Jha throughsocial media (facebook) and they got married about 2 years ago. His sister andaccused Aman Kumar Jha brother in law are also residing with him. 

RECOVERY: 02 Mobile phones along with 02 SIM Cardused for demanding extortion money. 

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