May 03, 2019 11:24 PM

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With the arrest of Dr. Chander Prakash Verma R/O Distt. Behraich, Uttar Pradesh Age-27 Yrs, Inter State Cell, Crime Branch, Chankya Puri has solved the blindmurder of a lady Doctor namely in the area of PS Ranjit Nagar. A Case FIR No.107/19 dt. 01.05.19 U/s 302 IPC, PS Ranjit Nagar has been registered in this regard.

Dr. G. RamGopal Naik,DY. COMMISSIONEROF POLICE, CRIME(ISC),, said, on May 1, case of murder has beenregistered at PS Ranjit Nagar on the statement of Shivender Pandaye, cousin of thedeceased lady doctor. Shivender Pandaye stated that on 30.04.19 the lady doctor called him during 3/4 pm and asked him to arrange thet icket for herself as she wanted to go at her native place i.e Ghorakh Pur, UP and he booked the Bus ticket online for dated 30.04.19 at 10.00 PM from Mayur Vihar. At 8.30 pm he called her but she didn’t pick up the mobile phone. Atabout 11.00 PM he reached at her flat but found it locked.

After checking from the window she was found lying on the floor. After that he broke the lock with the help of the neighbours. She was found in a pool of blood on the floor. Then he called the police. Local Police registered a case vide FIR No. 107/19 dt. 01.05.19 U/s 302 IPC at PSRanjit Nagar. The case was highlighted in the print as well as in the electronicmedia. The roommate namely Dr. Chander Prakash Verma is found missing as per thei nvestigation of Local Police. 

Police said, in the midnight of 02/03.05.19 SI SurenderSharma, ISC Crime Branch received a specific information regarding the suspectnamely Dr. Chander Prakash Verma in the sensational murder Case of Dr. GarimaMishra, that he was seen roaming in the area of Rishikesh and Haridawar.

On this information a team was constitutedunder the supervision of ACP Jasbir Singh, led by Insp. Ritesh Kumar, InspNeeraj Choudhary comprising of, SIs Surendra Sharama, Manoj, Surender Rana,ASIs Sureder Rathi, Abhay Singh, HC Nitin, Cts, Lala Ram, Sandeep, Jitender,Satpal, Rishi Pal to nab the accused, and the team departed to Haridwar. Inthe morning of 03.05.19 information was received by SI SurenderSharma that the accused/suspect person has been seen at Gang Nehar, near BridgeRoorkee, Uttrakhand. On this SI Surender and his team swung into action and nabbedhim before he could commit suicide by jumping into the Gang Nehar. He wasbrought to the office ISC, Crime Branch Chankya Puri and was subjected to detailed examination.


During the courseof interrogation the accused Dr. Chander Prakash Verma revealed that he got ajob in a private Hospital Karol Bagh Delhi as a Junior Resident Doctor, after completing his MBBS form King George Medical University Lucknow UP. He wasresiding in a rented flat at Ranjit Nagar on sharing basis with one RakeshYadav. In the hospital the deceased Lady Dr. who was also a Junior ResidentDoctor, asked him to help her in getting accommodation. He offered one room of his rented flat to her so that she could get accommodation at a cheaper price. hen, she shifted in a room of the rented flat of the accused while the accused and his friend shifted themselves in the other room of the flat.

This made him feel that the lady Doctor was attracted towards him. Meanwhile the Deceasedleft the job and started preparing for MD and started spending more time on herstudies. This made the accused irritated and he started thinking that thedeceased was avoiding him. One day he offered her to accompany him to watchmovie, but she refused. This made their relation bitter.

On 30.04.19, he wentto her room and asked her for the change of her attitude towards him and thatresulted in a heated argument betweenthem. This led to scuffle between them and the accused strangulated thedeceased, who was already fainted. The accused then brutally slit the throat ofthe deceased and fled away from there. Thereafter accused reached Rishikesh.Where he was desperately trying to commit suicide. He made many attempts tocommit suicide, but he could not do so due to the fear that if he would survive, then he would be left with permanentdisability and it would further ruin the future of his family/parents.

On the above said facts and the disclosure of accused person has been arrested vide Kalandra and local police has been informed.

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