May 04, 2019 11:52 PM

New Delhi (Face2News)

The STF team of Crime Branch has been successful in apprehending 3 Bangladesh Nationals involved and wanted in several cases of dacoity. Arrested persons are namely 1. Kamrul @ Kamaal,  r/o Distt. Bagerhat, Bangaladesh. 2. Sahidul Islam @ Abu Sahid @ Md. Sahid, R/o Distt. Bagerhat, Bangaladesh. 3. Nazrul,R/o Distt. Bagerhat, Bangaladesh. Gang leader is Kamrul @ Kamaal, and members of the gang have committed crimes in several parts of the country and after committing the crime, they fled to Bangladesh and again returned to India after some time.

Dr. G. Ram Gopal Naik, Dy. Commissioner of Police,  Crime Branch, STARS & STF, said with  the arrest of these three gang members, 5 cases of dacoity of different states have been worked out while more involvements of this gang in crime in India is expected to be unearthed during further investigation.

Police said, in last six to eight months, a lot of incidents of dacoity were reported in the metro cities i.e. Bhuvneshwar, Dharwad, Lucknow, Agra, Banglore, Goa. All the incidents took place in the late night committed by a gang of seven to eight members. The gang used to enter inside the house by cutting the window grill, overpower all the members of house at gun point or knife and commit the crime. The gang used to tie the inmates either by bed sheet or chunni.  All the incidents were clue less. The team of STF worked on these cases after going through the modus operandi, time and place of incident and other clues and established the same to have been committed by the criminals of Bangladesh.

ACP/STF Sh. Pankaj Singh was detailed to work on criminals of Bangladesh committing this type of crime.Through the networks of informers and technical & manual surveillance, it came to notice that a Bangladesh criminal’s gang led by one Kamrul @ kamaal is active in India and they are previously involved in many heinous crimes acrossthe country.

Following a specific secret information about  the movement of Kamrul @ Kamaal and his gang in the area of Sarai Kale Khan,  a team consisting of Insp. Digvijay Singh,  SI Rajiv Bamal, SI Ashok, ASI Bir Singh, ASI Vijay Kumar, ASI Ashok, ASI Shiv Kumar, HC Vijay, Ct Sashi and CtPayar Singh under the supervision of ACP/STF Sh. Pankaj Singh was formed.  The team reached the spot as told by the informer near Sarai Kale Khan Bus Terminus and laid a trap. At about 09:00 PM,3 persons were seen coming towards the police party and informer identified them as the Bangladesh gang members. All the criminals were overpowered and apprehended. Two country made pistols and four live cartridges recovered from the possession of the accused persons. A case vide FIR No   120/19, dated 04/05/19, u/s 25 Arms Act was registered and all the accused persons were arrested.


During interrogation, it is revealed that all the accused are Bangladesh Nationals and involved in many incidents of dacoity and robbery across the country. All the three accused are previously convicted in many cases of Delhi & NCR. Two of them entered India by  Passports after taking VISA and one entered in India illegally.  As per the record of their passport, the accused Kamrul visited in India 08 times from July 2017 and accused Sahidul visited 03 times in India. Some gang members entered India through Passport and some entered illegally. Accused obtained VISA through an agent after paying money. Accused Nazrul entered illegally in India through a broker in Bangladesh after paying Rs. 5,000. Gang targeted the houses  of posh colonies, they enter the houses in the late night through the window after cutting the grills, overpower all the members of the house and loot all the valuables. If any member resists they do not hesitate to murder. Accused mostly reside in and around railway stations or in the forested areas of the city. After committing the crime, the gang immediately leaves the city and returns back to Bangladesh. The man who comes illegally, carry all the stolen items and go back to Bangladesh. After reaching Bangladesh, they distribute  their stolen property.

Accused Kamrul, 42 Yrs. is a Bangladesh National. He studied up to 5th class. He is married and has two sons and three daughters. First time, he committed crime in Delhi in the year of 1998. He remained in Jail from 2003 to 2010 in Delhi and later from 2011 to June 2017 in Mujaffar Nagar (UP). He is convicted in many cases of robbery and dacoity. Accused involved more than 3 dozen cases of different crimes in various states. Police claims to recovered two country made pistols and four live cartridges and two Bangladesh passports.

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