May 10, 2019 10:03 PM

Abohar (Face2News)

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Manpreet Singh Chhatwal today advised people to take precautions to protect themselves from heat waves during  this summer season. He said that as temperatures have started rising day by  day, therefore awareness about preventive measures and treatment is vital.

Divulging about Do's and Don’ts to protect district folks from heat stroke, Mr. Chhatwal said that people should avoid moving out between 12 to 3 pm in steadily rising temperature and refrain from wearing dark color and fit
outfits, physical labor and alcohol, tea, coffee, proteins food and carbonated soft drinks.

  Giving some important tips, he said ventilated and light dresses of Khadi should be preferred, sun glasses, umbrella, hat, shoes, etc. should be wear to avoid direct sunlight, keep potable water with you during journey, if  anyone has to go out body should be covered fully. Besides this, ORS mixed  water, lassi, butter milk, rice water and lemon water etc. should be consumed time to time. Likewise, drink more water in these days of summer
and cooking place to be fully ventilated to avoid suffocation.

Apprising ways to mitigate the ill-effect of the ensuing heat waves, he  said, ''curtains should be used to keep homes cool, windows could be opened  at night to reduce heat of the house and bath more than once a day with
cold water can be preferred. He asked employers to pay special attention to their work places to provide  cool potable water, make arrangements to protect their employees from direct sunlight, increasing rest time in outdoor activities and pay special attention towards pregnant women employees during increasing temperature.

Deputy Commissioner appealed people that children or pets should not be left in vehicles parked in sunlight. Apart from this, livestock should also keep under the shadow and given maximum water.

Mr. Chhatwal said that weakness, laziness, headache, cold, sweating and dizziness etc. are heat-affected symptoms and in these conditions doctor should be contact immediately. He further appealed that people must grasp information about temperatures, heat waves and daily weather through radio,  TV, newspapers and other media. "People should further spread awareness about the preventive measures and treatments", he said.

He has issued necessary directions to various district departments. Power department has been asked to ensure uninterrupted power supply in hospitals and health care centers, Secretary Red Cross to avail maximum services of NGOs to provide potable water at different public places in the district and civil surgeon has been directed to prepare action plan besides deputing nodal officers and medical teams at all health centers. He said that all the SDMs, civil surgeon, Municipal  Corporation and other concerned departments have given necessary instructions to spread awareness about prevention and treatment of heat-related ailments

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