May 11, 2019 07:22 PM

Zirakpur (J.S.Kaler)

Mother’s Day was celebrated with great ardor and passion in Manav Mangal Smart World, Zirakpur. Students made wonderful gifts for their mothers and grandmothers, and mothers were invited to the school for a gala organized to especiallyhonour themothers.

The objective of the celebration was to make students realise the importance of unconditional love offered by mothers, and to enable mothers spare some time for themselves and enjoy various activities organized for them.

A special assembly was conducted on the occasion to apprise students of the objective of the day.

Students from classes Pre Nursery – grade II dedicated various songs, performances and rhymes to their mothers. Students from grade III – grade X made delightful handmade gifts for their mothers and grandmothers. The gift galore included items like photo frames, decorative mugs, jewellery boxes, bags / purses, tiaras, planters, bouquets and candy bouquets etc. Students, with love and zest, made magnificent gifts to honour their mothers and grandmothers.

A splendid gala was organized for our dear worthy mothers. A team of accomplished professionals from a salon offered discounted gift vouchers to mothers, and free consultation, BP and sugar level checking were conducted by a team of doctors from Simply Health Plus. Selfie booth, DJ, Tambola and other exciting games by EduSports were also organised for mothers. Mothers enjoyed ravishing ramp walk in the school’s auditorium with remarkable music and light effects. Many mothers were honoured with titles like ‘Ms. Best Walk’, ‘Ms. Best Attire’, ‘Ms. Beautiful Smile’, ‘Ms. Graceful’ etc.  by the respected judges.

The celebration aimed to highlight the important role played by mothers in shaping personalities of ourdear manavites, and to acknowledge their efforts. Delighted mothers and their young ones, smiles and happiness in the air were all evident during the celebrations.

It is important that family members share a healthy bonding for a sound upbringing of kids, and Manav Mangal Smart World, through various functions and activities dedicated to parents, puts forth an effort to achieve the same.

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